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Autoclave Sterilizer
Autoclaves is the machine which uses saturated steam produced by presure to infect and sterilize the products rapidly and reliablly.It can sterilize for you dental handpiece, dental burs, other dental equipment and the goods which is needed in daily life. However, it should be noted that the cross-infection between patients caused dental equipment which is not been sterilized strictly has become an important way to blood and body fluids of infectious disease transmission.

So, it has become an inevitable choice for your dental clinic equipped with a high-quality autoclave. Almost all of our autoclave device has timed program and over-temperature, over-pressure protection device. To provide you onvenient and safe sterilization services.
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Autoclave Sterilizer comment
  • Dental Vacuum drying Autoclave Class B 23L With Printer

    Pismomomma: Wonderful piece of equipment! Smaller size fits easily on the counter top. It uses very little distilled water and loads can be run quickly and repeatedly. I highly recommend this sterilizer!

  • Dental Mini Autoclave Sterilizer Vacuum Steam 8-23L With Printer

    skystinet: Fast delivery and perfect dental office sterilizer. Great price. I would highly recommend this sterilizer for any facility using sterilizers to protect their clients.

  • Dental Tools Sterilizer High Temperature Medical Disinfect Machine

    Shannii: Works great. My first one got a short in the cord and they replaced it with no questions asked. The little glass beads were everywhere when I got my replacement because there was a hole in the bag and the box was all dented but it still works great. Id give it 5 stars if the glass beads and box damage didnt happen.

  • 18L Lab Autoclave Sterilizer Vacuum Steam Mini Thermal TR250N

    alpha202: The autoclave is great! It works wonderfully! We had one issue though, and I wish we had known ahead of time that when your package comes from china when it gets to the US they mark it delivered. We had not had any updates and afraid we were out $850 was terrifying for the week and a half between it being marked delivered and actually being delivered. Other that thatissue, which should be in the description, we are very happy with our purchase.

  • 18L Lab Autoclave Sterilizer Vacuum Steam Mini Thermal TR250N

    LIYET: Works perfectly, instructions a bit wonky, but unit is perfect for our application