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Sterilization Equipment
These sterilization equipment provided by our website including: Autoclave Sterilizer,Water Filter,Handpiece Maintenance Item,Teeth Whitening Machine and Denture Flask Cleaner and so on, and it can meet your sterilization needs in daily dental treatment and daily life. Welcome to our website to buy, sincerely thank your visit and we will do it better than others.
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Sterilization Equipment comment
  • Dental Vacuum drying Autoclave Class B 23L With Printer

    Pismomomma: Wonderful piece of equipment! Smaller size fits easily on the counter top. It uses very little distilled water and loads can be run quickly and repeatedly. I highly recommend this sterilizer!

  • Dental Mini Autoclave Sterilizer Vacuum Steam 8-23L With Printer

    skystinet: Fast delivery and perfect dental office sterilizer. Great price. I would highly recommend this sterilizer for any facility using sterilizers to protect their clients.

  • Dental Tools Sterilizer High Temperature Medical Disinfect Machine

    Shannii: Works great. My first one got a short in the cord and they replaced it with no questions asked. The little glass beads were everywhere when I got my replacement because there was a hole in the bag and the box was all dented but it still works great. Id give it 5 stars if the glass beads and box damage didnt happen.

  • 6L Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner Cleaning Machine JPS-30A 110V/220V

    Philippe: Professionally constructed with detachable cord, ON-OFF switch with spare fuse, basket, cover, enough power for the size. Easy recessed handles to lift and move. Digital controls. Only be a bit careful with sharp edges on cover.

  • NOVA® NV-208C Sterilizer Dry Heat Durable Service Magnifier Uitraviolet Radiation

    lastingcreationbymarcy: (I'm on my husband's account). I'm a LMT that owns my own business, and I looked at a bunch of towel warmers. For this price range, I purchased this one. I've been really happy with it, so far! I have to make sure to turn it on about 30-15 minutes before my first appointment of the day, but that's not unexpected. The light works as described, and I've not had a problem in the ~4 weeks that I've used it on a semi-daily basis.