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Intraoral Camera
Oral cavity is an very important part in human body. With the constantly updated medical devices, intraoral camera is widely used in hospitals and clinics. Intraoral camera is a specially structural camera lens, through putting it into the oral cavity,then a clear and enlarged image will be displayed on the computer or TV screen. With the assistance of an endoscope system, dentists can better identify the disease occurred on the hard and soft tissue lesions, and also allow the patients to understand their dental disease and defects intuitively and comprehensively including tooth surface stains, plaque, tartar and gingivitis, etc which they can not see it clearly in daily life. Besides, these images can also be stored in the patient database, and form a new generation of electronic medical records with text, graphics, X-ray images and other information. it is convenient to view and used in consultation, seminars and other occasions.
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Intraoral Camera comment
  • M-868A Wired CMOS Intraoral Camera 8inch LCD Monitor with SD Card

    clinicapriorize: bom dia , tenho somente a Máquina M-868A x1, preciso do restante dos itens (Cabo de vídeo x1 Cabo USB x1 Disco x1 Capa de câmera x50 DC5V / 3A Fornecedor de energia x1 CF-986 (cartão TF) x1 Suporte de câmera x 1) Voces vendem somente os itens acima mencionado? Qual Valor ? Att Marla / / 42 99931-7487 / 42 3646-4569

  • Top Quality 300Pcs Intraoral DENTAL CAMERA Sleeve/Sheath/Cover

    Butler: I have used this product for several years. Love that they are an inexpensive, great quality product. The install is very easy. Easy to use. I have Dexis.

  • 17 Inch Digital LCD AIO Screen Monitor Dental Intra Oral Camera System SONY CCD

    Conrado: Excellent Intraoral Camera I looked for a intraoral camera for long time, I found it and I think bought it was the right decision. The image has good quality and several input to display the images

  • Top Quality 300Pcs Intraoral DENTAL CAMERA Sleeve/Sheath/Cover

    Marko: Great Good, clean barrier. Protects camera from moisture & saliva. Works best when pulled tightly over camera wand.

  • 1PCS Dental LED Intraoral Camera 2.0 Mega Pixels USB 2.0 MD930U

    mac980: Best intra-oral camera value This is a great deal. I one in three hygiene rooms and 4 clinical ops. I bought the first 7 about 4-5 years ago and 4 of them still work. Just ordered 3 more today to replace cavicide stricken ones. Well worth the money. They pay for themselves in the first month of use, and I don't even use them very often. Even though about half of mine have broken, I could have spent $5000 and only had one or $35,000 to have them in every room. I'm a big fan of intraoral photography with a real dslr camera and macro lens for actual clinical examination, but these are great tools to quickly show a patient a problem with a single tooth. If I'm busy, my staff sometimes takes pics of teeth and shows patients problems. The patient usually think the tooth looks worse than I do. Quit explaining so much to someone why they need a crown; a picture is worth a thousand words.