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Intraoral Camera
Oral cavity is an very important part in human body. With the constantly updated medical devices, intraoral camera is widely used in hospitals and clinics. Intraoral camera is a specially structural camera lens, through putting it into the oral cavity,then a clear and enlarged image will be displayed on the computer or TV screen. With the assistance of an endoscope system, dentists can better identify the disease occurred on the hard and soft tissue lesions, and also allow the patients to understand their dental disease and defects intuitively and comprehensively including tooth surface stains, plaque, tartar and gingivitis, etc which they can not see it clearly in daily life. Besides, these images can also be stored in the patient database, and form a new generation of electronic medical records with text, graphics, X-ray images and other information. it is convenient to view and used in consultation, seminars and other occasions.
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Intraoral Camera comment
  • Magenta® MD960U Intra Oral Camera USB

    Sherif: Too much more updated and performing than cheaper cameras, at the same time its versatility and pictures quality is comparable with the extremely more expensive intra oral dental cameras. Thanks to the rapid response of the professional technical support team, it is perfectly integrated with Windows 10. It is really a great added value to our practice.

  • MLG Dental Intraoral Camera 6 LED Light Video&USB with 1DB SD Card + Mini LCD Screen

    Mario: What a very nice camera, it's lightweight, the LED lights are bright, and the pictures are very sharp. This model interfaces with our Dentrix/Patterson Imaging software perfectly. Default settings makes the colors accurate, Their tech support is awesome!

  • 2018 version 1/4 SONY CCD 4 Mega Pixels Dental Intraoral Intra Oral Camera USB

    NalfisTobar: You wont go wrong with this intra-oral camera, great value for the price Great Value for the Price, Easy to install and Use with our dentrix imaging software; It's perfect for patient education, you can show them what you see and explain procedures much better with a real time visual aid. Pros: Affordable. Clear image with enough resolution to notice great detail LED lights are really bright and wont get hot enough to harm the patient The included disposable protective sheaths cover almost the entire device. USB cable is detachable which makes it replacesable in case it gets damaged.

  • 15 Inch Wired Dental Monitor Intra Oral Camera System VGA+VIDEO port With LCD holder MD1500

    David: Excellent Intraoral Camera I looked for a intraoral camera for long time, I found it and I think bought it was the right decision. The image has good quality and several input to display the images

  • Top Quality 300Pcs Intraoral DENTAL CAMERA Sleeve/Sheath/Cover

    Brummie: Great Camera barriers for the DY-50 camera. Far less than any dental supply company and fit the camera perfect. Images are not blurry or washed out due to the barriers like some other manufacturers.