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  • Dental Wireless Intraoral Camera 5.0 Mega Pixel COMS Image Automatically Focus

    Dr.Jay: Working great out of the box. Sharp images even with the shealths. Highly Recommend!

  • Customer Service

    info: Hi. I have recently sent TWO emails asking about my purchase. I am not getting any response. I have also noticed the dental steamer ordered has not been changed to model agreed. Please respond to this email with model numbers for items ordered along with dispatch dates and tracking numbers. If i do not hear from you as this is now my Third email i will contact Paypal for a refund. Thank you

  • 4Pcs Oral Dental Mouth Opener Intraoral Cheek Lip Retractor Prop Orthodontic Adult

    Derfler: This seller is amazing. I just said my dental mouth opener were too small that I should have ordered a larger size and this seller immediately sent me an e-mail that he would be sending me a larger size to me at no cost and not to send the small ones back. You do not see this happening every day. Thank you!!! I am very pleased with this larger size.

  • 18L Dental Sterilizer Autoclave Sterilization Equipment TR250N

    DavidRoberts: Arrived on time, nicely packaged. Instructions are very poorly written in English, but after you read them about 10 times and play with the machine it starts to make sense. There are no warnings in the instruction manual like you get with manuals produced in the USA, so BE VERY CAREFUL! If you do not have the steam discharge tubing secured down in the sink, it will spray boiling hot water and steam all over you and burn you severely. Fill your sink with cold water first then pin the tubing down on the bottom of the skin with something heavy to allow the discharge to not go ballistic on you. The machine worked well at first crack, no problems. The quality of the metal, framing, its weight and digital sensors all exceeded my expectations for the price. We are using this to autoclave small medical equipment. Again, be very careful with this unit and my advice is to ask someone familiar with autoclave use to teach you how to use it or you can get seriously injured playing with this.

  • Dental Surgical Binocular 3.5X420mm Leather Headband Loupe + LED Headlight Black

    ToddFazio: I am a dentist and needed to replace my SheerVision light. My 3.5x loupes were old and I decided to try these loupes and light before paying >$600 for new loupes and >$400 for a new light. I am very pleased with the new loupes and I would give the loupes 5 stars. The light was not bright enough for intraoral use and I would give the light 2 stars. I ended up buying a "dental" intraoral light for my new loupes.