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Alan Dental Alan Dental For over 2 years, alandental has been a trusted dental suppler in providing dental equipment and dental instruments. We do this by providing customers great communications, clinical supplies, medical equipment and office essential equipment that help you manage costs, deliver excellent care and develop loyal patient relationships.
When you’re looking for dental equipment, come to alandental for all your dental health needs.
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  • Dental Tooth Dryer Drying Machine For ORTHODONTICS/ REF. 301-1001 WITH 2 TIPS

    Todd.Fazio: Moisture free tooth dryer Delivers sufficient dry and warm air. I use this to dry out my preps for bonding indirect restoration, mostly veneers. Gets the jobs done.

  • 5PCS Dental Air Water Spray Triple Syringe 3 Way Handpiece w/ Nozzles Tips

    Gomez: Don't fool with trying to replace O rings on your old A W syringes, at this price just buy new. Well made, good air and water stream when buttons are pushed separately, and good spray when pushed together. So far no leaks or dribbles, easy to install, great price.

  • Mobile Dental Teeth Whitening LED Lamp Light Bleaching Accelerator Wheel

    Sequiell-Bolden: This product is great. I was able to enhance my smile with the whitening accelerator tool. More effective than battery operated.

  • 1X New Dental 10W Wireless Cordless LED Curing Light Lamp 2000mw Black Silver CE

    DeSapinece: This is not my primary curing light. I have an Ivoclar unit that I use all day. That one cost a fortune, this didn't. This is a backup curing light used primarily by Hygiene when placing sealants when I am using the Ivoclar unit. As a backup it works great. It cures comp and sealants like it is supposed to. The preset times are off: 4s,6s,8s. That is a bit inconvenient. At this price I could get what, 200 of them before I hit the price of Ivoclar? I get product with the Ivoclar so that is an exaggeration. If you want a backup this is it. Using this as an all day, everyday light I couldn't say...

  • 100pcs Dental Nozzles Tips for 3-Way Dental Air Water Triple Syringe

    Mark: Excellent tip, work perfectly and excellent finish. Been using and steam autoclaving for a month or so now and still look great. These have nice rounded ends that get inserted into the syringe. These work much better than plastic tips and cheap enough to buy a lot of them and replace the ones that get lost.