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Dental Instrument Drying Machine
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Dental Instrument Drying Machine comment
  • Wall-Mount Dental Unit with 3-way Syringe+ 2 Handpiece Tubes

    mosianafifi: Does it includes the tubing that connect to the air compressor?

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    sulley_n_boo: Hi there, which one is the lightest 35K rpm micro motor handpiece do you have in stock? Do you have micro motor that can be operated with/without food pedal? Lastly, are these pricing in USD or AUD? Thanks in advance

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    karawan.dagher: Hi, I am looking for micromotor handpiece only for jewellery making, I found one in your website which is ( Marathon SH37LN handpiece 45,000rpm). But I need it with 1/8" bur size and 50,000rpm. is it available?

  • Dental Medical 5W LED Head Light with Filter Clip-on Type for Loupes Glasses Red

    Freese: Needed this for my magnification loupes while waiting on new battery. While I don't love the clip on attachment the light holds a 8 hour use charge--is bright enough with an overhead lighting source and is a life saver for interim use. Recommend for anyone needing a back-up or that has not added light to loupes due to cost. Would love to see them change to an attached option instead of just clip on.

  • Dental Medical 5W LED Head Light + Filter & Belt Clip for Binocular Loupes Black

    Bonnet: I am a dental hygienist. I had a light from another company I spent hundreds of dollars on, had to pay to get repaired and it finally quit on me. This light is comparable if not brighter. I charge the battery during my lunch break to ensure it lasts the full day. It clips onto my loupes easily. I would definitely recommend.