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Dental polymerizer
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Dental polymerizer comment
  • Shipping and Refund

    carinadental: My transaction number is 2021123090265801. Can you please update me the status os this item - has it been shipped yet? Thanks

  • Customer Service

    grahams56: Denjoy RCTI-DY(I) Dental Root Canal Treatment Endo Motor Endodontic w/ Contra Angle Can I buy a new motor ONLY for this item Graham Scott

  • Contact Us

    kelly.le224: Hi I am in Melbourne Australia How long will it take to receive the portable dental turbine unit for online order ? Do you have a contact phone line in Australia ?

  • Contact Us

    maedehrdaryasari: Hello, I have a question about your "Portable Dental Turbine Unit LY-L201 Hand piece Kit Dental Manikin Phantom Head Curing Light "; Can I remove the bur that is shown in the picture from the high speed hand piece and attach my own bur? If so, what is the diameter of the bur that can fit in to the high speed hand piece? Best regards, Mae

  • Dental Wireless LED LAMP Cordless Curing Light Xlite 4 2000mW/cm2

    kiuete233: Still works well. Battery started to fail a bit 4 years after so it is a good product lasts a long time. As long as you can get a new battery it can last a lot more