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Dental Rubber Dam
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Dental Rubber Dam comment
  • NOVA® NV-208C Sterilizer Dry Heat Durable Service Magnifier Uitraviolet Radiation

    lastingcreationbymarcy: (I'm on my husband's account). I'm a LMT that owns my own business, and I looked at a bunch of towel warmers. For this price range, I purchased this one. I've been really happy with it, so far! I have to make sure to turn it on about 30-15 minutes before my first appointment of the day, but that's not unexpected. The light works as described, and I've not had a problem in the ~4 weeks that I've used it on a semi-daily basis.

  • 18L Lab Autoclave Sterilizer Vacuum Steam Mini Thermal TR250N

    alpha202: The autoclave is great! It works wonderfully! We had one issue though, and I wish we had known ahead of time that when your package comes from china when it gets to the US they mark it delivered. We had not had any updates and afraid we were out $850 was terrifying for the week and a half between it being marked delivered and actually being delivered. Other that thatissue, which should be in the description, we are very happy with our purchase.

  • KWS® 36W Hanging Surgical Lights KD-202D-3B

    raynaldtorres: Excellent seller and very smooth transaction. Item works perfectly

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    drnh123: I have registered newly on the website and got a coupon code, but am not able to redeem it.

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    drnh123: When importing to India what about customs duty of the product?