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Wireless Curing Light
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Wireless Curing Light comment
  • Denjoy MINI Wireless LED Curing Light 1000mw Cordless LED Curing Lamp 5W

    VladimirColina: Needed the light to cure a patch for the tub. Worked really well - impressed

  • LY® Dental LED Wireless Curing Light 1500mw L

    David.B: It arrived fast--the USPS delivery was only slightly fussy--and it's an attractive dental led light device: sleek, smooth or nearly sexy; curing?! It just arrived today: having not yet used it for the intended purpose, the most that can be said is it seems to be functioning properly. And it came with a how-to (English) instruction pamphlet. Overall, the word that best describes the apparatus is five star sophisticated. Update: it works very well; easy to use--reaches into the mouth without a gag factor--and it's fun! It holds a charge for a considerable length of time and the operation (care) instructions are simple.

  • Dental LED Curing Light Lamp Wireless Resin Cure With Light Meter 2000mw/cm2

    Monique.G: Great curing lights for a very busy practice. Able to order a light and the cost not hit the EBdita.

  • LY® Dental LED Wireless Curing Light 1500mw L

    Asuka: Was scared at first but did my research. Tested my skills before actually using it on my own teeth. That first 20 second burst was scary. Now I have to keep myself from going to far. Front teeth are right again!

  • LY® Dental LED Wireless Curing Light 1500mw L

    Costello: We love this light. (I’m a Dental Assistant) I was skeptical because of the price but, it truly is a 20 sec to cure light. It’s easy to use and store. Generic light barrier covers fit it fine. Will probably be ording another soon.