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Dental Lab Equipment
Dental Laboratory Equipment and Dental Clinic Equipment For Sale In Australia

The dental laboratory system of Alandental is able to work economically and efficiently all the time. If you are planning to expand or renovate your newly opened dental lab, an experienced planning team from Alandental will serve you heart and soul.
We can provide a complete set of dental equipment for your dental laboratory or dental clinic, such as Dental Portable Unit, Welding Machine, Dental Amalgamator and so on.
However, besides the dental equipment, we also have other daily care products, such as Dental Handpiece, Ultrasonic Scaler. Welcome to browse our website ( freely, and find more useful products for yourself.
If you have any questions, please contact us through our email or click the “contact us”on the page of our wbsite.
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Dental Lab Equipment comment
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    vsaad1: Mine is overheating , where can I get it serviced

  • Customer Service

    reena.Kataria: Hi I just placed and order for a marathon Micromotor handpiece. When I place the order first it said that you have put incorrect credit card details so I put it again, and then I got that it has been placed. But checked my card I have been charged twice, I only want one handpiece can you cancel the second and reverse the charges for it. Many thanks Reena

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    Mltharrison7: To whom it mayconcern I am a dental hygienist wanting to work in retirement villages and nursing homes and in need of portable dental units to move around with I am interested in the suitcase style ones but have a few questions I need answered Please Firstly Are they ARTG approved in Australia do I get a certificate stTing this Also does the ultrasonic scalar hand piece and tip come off so it can be sterilised in an autoclave And I need the equipment to work quietly are they very quiet to run as I would be in nursing homes Please get back to me ASAP please Also do I get warranty Thanking you Kind regards Marinella

  • Contact Us

    mtbogar: Do you have any TGA clearance for the use of the Greeloy® GU-P204 Dental Portable Turbine or other Greeloy Units in Australia? Thank you, Gina

  • Contact Us

    moum1968: Dear sir/madam Could you please let me know how long does it take for shipment of 300l/mn portable suction unit to reach to Sydney Australia once i make my order and payment. Sam Regards