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Dental Lab Equipment
Dental Laboratory Equipment and Dental Clinic Equipment For Sale In Australia

The dental laboratory system of Alandental is able to work economically and efficiently all the time. If you are planning to expand or renovate your newly opened dental lab, an experienced planning team from Alandental will serve you heart and soul.
We can provide a complete set of dental equipment for your dental laboratory or dental clinic, such as Dental Portable Unit, Welding Machine, Dental Amalgamator and so on.
However, besides the dental equipment, we also have other daily care products, such as Dental Handpiece, Ultrasonic Scaler. Welcome to browse our website ( freely, and find more useful products for yourself.
If you have any questions, please contact us through our email or click the “contact us”on the page of our wbsite.
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Dental Lab Equipment comment
  • Dental Lab Alginate Mixer Bowl only for our Alginate Mixer HL-YMC III

    Dempsey: These rubber mixing bowls are the best thing every for mixing grout for my mosaics. Instead of trying to find something I can throw away I just leave the grout in the bowl until it dries then just squeeze the bowl and it falls out. Wipe the bowl down and it’s good to go again. I think they’ll last forever, too. Clean up is so much easier.

  • Customer Service

    sjhingran: Hi, I have payment but still receive email re payment not received. I have proof of payment and my order has not been posted yet. This was an urgent delivery Please respond and clarify urgently Regards

  • JINTAI JT-02B (Big) Dental Magnetic Denture Articulators for Dentist Lab Equipment

    Somers: Great product from great supplier Daughter uses it for her braces. Says the pressure is good for that but to use normally May be too strong

  • JINTAI JT-02 (Large) Magnetic Dental Denture Articulators Dentist Lab Equipment

    Miles: They met expectations

  • Dental Square Quartet Model Vibrator Lab Equipment JT-51

    Cmore: Vibrates intensely when needed Reviewers are correct when saying this machine has a serious vibration capability. I can't imagine why you would need to use it at full speed/strength but it is there if you want it. I also want to emphasize that the black "rubber-ish" feeling tray can be removed so you have a completely flat surface if you want to vibrate something larger that the rubber "tray. You would need to use something to prevent slipping but to vibrate bubbles out of chocolate it is great because it needs to be completely level (it is w/tray removed) to work well. For the money it is WELL worth it even if it lasted for only 1 year and 20 times using it. Rocketbox? PULEASE!!!!