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Dental Lab Equipment
Dental Laboratory Equipment and Dental Clinic Equipment For Sale In Australia

The dental laboratory system of Alandental is able to work economically and efficiently all the time. If you are planning to expand or renovate your newly opened dental lab, an experienced planning team from Alandental will serve you heart and soul.
We can provide a complete set of dental equipment for your dental laboratory or dental clinic, such as Dental Portable Unit, Welding Machine, Dental Amalgamator and so on.
However, besides the dental equipment, we also have other daily care products, such as Dental Handpiece, Ultrasonic Scaler. Welcome to browse our website ( freely, and find more useful products for yourself.
If you have any questions, please contact us through our email or click the “contact us”on the page of our wbsite.
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Dental News
Dental Lab Equipment comment
  • Lizhong LZQJ-III 1300W Dental Lab Automatic Agar Mixer Melting Mixing Duplicating Machine

    antonio_perez57: Hallo iI bought a agar lzqj 111 But we didn't get the instruction manual Could you sent me it. Or how can i get the working manual or instructions Thank

  • Zoneray G10 Time and Speed Setting Dental Amalgamator with LCD Display

    agent211: I unpacked the triturator (amalgamator, amalgam mixer) and removed the two packing screws on the bottom of the machine and plugged it in. I was pleasantly surprised that it turned on and worked. I brought it into the office and tuned it to the mixes that we use. Everyone is very happy with the machine. It runs much quieter that our previous unit (we can actually hear each other talking over it when running), it is smaller, and the machine has more adjustments. Everyone is very happy with it so far.

  • 5Pcs Dental Zinc Alloy Spring Articulator Denture Articulator

    cathey333: Amazing quality, exactly what I needed Thank you so much, from Sydney Australia. Shipping was quick too!

  • Dental Lab Equipment Surgical Wax Carving Tools Set Sculpture Knife Instructment

    Vobornik: Purchased as a gift for our daughter who is really into the special effects make up. She said this was an essential set of tools that’s makes her experience better

  • Jintai JT-18 Dental Vacuum Forming & Molding Machine

    Hussain: I needed a small vacu-form machine for a project that I am working on so I thought that I would take a chance on this based on price. What did I have to lose? On the outside it appears pretty well built. I did not open it up to see what is inside. It has worked surprisingly well with good consistent results but here are my recommendations. 1.)Buy the manufacturers Dental Splint material to use with it. I am using the 1.5mm hard splint material. It is a little bit expensive but works better than other materials I have tried. 2.)Watch some YouTube videos on how it works. They help. 3.)Getting the material temperature correct is key. Rather than go by time, I look underneath the splint material and wait until the sag reaches the bottom of the frame. Then turn on the vacuum, turn off the heat and drop the frame onto the mold. FYI, I am making my molds on a 3d Resin Printer. The resin prints appear to withstand the heat of the machine.