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Dental Articulator comment
  • Dental Magnetic Articulator Art-2

    Caragan: The best manicure machine , I love it

  • Dental Magnetic Articulator Art-2

    Royjones: Super perfect! These are sturdy, only take a few minutes to figure out, and are mostly pre-assembled. I make creature teeth for theatrical use and love how easily adjustable these are as I try out different designs. I bought 3 and love them SO MUCH. I've had them several months now and they are a cool part of my dental kit.

  • JINTAI JT-03 Dentist Dental Lab Equipment Denture Articulators

    Miraziz: The articulator is great however they should consider sending more base plates rather than a face bow.... just an idea.

  • Shipping and Refund

    geoffreycdennis: Can you check my order. Geoffrey Dennis 10 inch Model Trimmer. 289 MAIN Rd Bairnsdale Australia 3875. ordered 2/1/19 How long for delivery ?

  • Shipping and Refund

    bountroukas.maria: Hello, i was wondering how long it would take approximately to get M6D666 shipped to Calgary, Alberta, Canada? Thank you Maria Bountroukas