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Dental Portable Unit
Dental portable unit which is convenient to carry is specifically designed to meet the door visits or home oral health. The advantages of it are: small size, convenient carrying, complete function etc, and almost have no difference with the fixed large dental unit in the aspect of function. Besides, it can be widely used in dental hospital and oral clinic’s door-to-door service, personal household oral health, and even in the field of arms supplies. The Portable equipment packages we provide include: Portable Dental Unit with Air Compressor,Portable Dental Unit With Suction and Portable Dental Chair etc.
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Dental Portable Unit comment
  • BEST BD402 Portable Dental Turbine Unit + Greeloy GU-P101 Folding Portable Dental Chair

    Mackenzie: The dental unit has very good quality, the noise that it produces is really low to be a compressor, the operation of the high and low speed is perfect, with air and water adjustment. The suitcase has wheels which is very useful for moving the equipment because it weighs a lot which I do not appreciate as something negative considering that a compressor. This equipment is very useful for providing dental care to people with few resources who live in places far from the city.

  • BEST 401 Portable Dental Unit Backpack with Compressor + 3 Way Syringe + Suction + Tube 4H

    Mantilla: I love this machine, I use it almost every day. It’s exactly as described and very easy to setup as well as transport places. My roomates are not bothered by the noise and decibal wise it’s quiet for its function. I highly recommend as an at home or on the go unit.

  • Wall-Mount Dental Unit with 3-way Syringe+ 2 Handpiece Tubes

    mosianafifi: Does it includes the tubing that connect to the air compressor?

  • Best®BD-402B Dental Turbine Unit with Air Compressor Suction Triplex Syringe LED Fiber Optic

    turk268: It is a product I thought and wanted. It seems to be good because the working time is long.

  • LY® Dental Portable Turbine Unit Work with Air Compressor

    Keith: This product is a particularly good deal. It does not come with a hand piece only the two-port valve that connects to a two port hand piece. This was easy to purchase and when I did received the mandatory instructions on how to lube and cleanse the hand piece. I like the on-off water switch for low speed hand pieces, water and air piece (included), speed control with read-out, and the tube for the air compressor. The preparation was minimal all I needed was a 1/2” quick connect fitting with a 3/8” barb for the air supply hose, a anti-reverse valve for the air hose, a low speed hand piece, a straight piece for the low speed hand piece or an angle piece if you prefer, and a prophy angel for the straight piece or ,if you choose and angel piece, a prophy cup to pick-up and apply polish. It was easy to turn on. The pressure had to be set so the hand piece doesn’t spin to fast, I used 15bar on the read-out. The compressor I clipped at just under full pressure at 75lbs. To set the water and air hand piece by squirted it into the bath tub to see how far it shot and the degree of the arch. I decided it should be turned way down of a minimal arch. This was nice when I used it the splash effect was kept down. The air doesn’t have volume control on the water and air hand piece. It will only corresponds with the setting for the low speed hand piece. I say low speed hand piece because you shouldn’t need a high speed hand piece. I waisted money on one before I realized the diameter of the bur is smaller than a low speed hand piece with either angle prophy or the angle piece. The bur is 2.3mm diameter. Now that I have the proper hand piece, angel and cup there is no trouble using this machine! More hand piece information: the brand of my low speed motor is NSK, same with my straight piece that fits onto the motor, I use a disposable right angel prophy that fits onto the the straight piece the instructions on how to open the straight piece to accept the bur is included. All this cost me less than 300 dollars. Utube supplied me with information I did not have how to maneuver a prophy, burs, low speed hand piece options, and different types of prophy cups. This is a fun project that leads to a lot of success!