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Greeloy® GU-P204 Portable Unit + LY® Handpiece Kit + Air Scaler + Air Polisher +Curing Light
  • Greeloy® GU-P204 Portable Unit + LY® Handpiece Kit + Air Scaler + Air Polisher +Curing Light

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Greeloy® GU-P204 Portable Unit + LY® Handpiece Kit + Air Scaler + Air Polisher +Curing Light


Greeloy® GU-P204 Portable Unit + LY® Handpiece Kit + Air Scaler + Air Polisher +Curing Light


Greeloy® Dental Portable Turbine Unit with Air Compressor Suction GU-P204 ( click here to check the unit)


Greeloy GU-P204S Portable Dental Unit (Compressor+ Suction+ Triplex Syringe+ HP Tube)




1. Easy transported suitcase with pull-out handle and wheels, dentist may more the unit freely.

2. Compact astructure, self-contained bag for storage to save your space.

3. Consists of related operation system inside the dental treatment unit, such as air supply system, water supply system, suction and drainage.

4. Easy to set up and operate. Install the parts correctly and with correct power supply, control the unit with foot switch.

5. High quality motor with steady performance,solid box to ensure anti-fall, service time exceeds 20,000 hours.

6. Oil free motor without any lubricated oil, drainage bottle is convenient to remove and disinfect.

7. Warranty: 1 Year



Volt./HZ: 110V-240V 50/60Hz(right plug free to fit your country)

Power: 600W

Pressure: 0 -5Bar


Dimensions: 430*320*630mm

Weight: 24KG


Packge With

Self-contained bag with pull-out hanle and wheels

Self-contained electric dental system

Self-contained clean water supply system(1000ml)

Self-contained drainage bottle(1000ml)

Self-contained oil free compressor(600w motor)

1pc 3-way syringe

1pc foot switch

2pc handpiece tubing(2H/4H)

1pc saliva ejector


Dental Air Scaler Kit (Sonic Powered Scaler & Endo Irrigation Tips) ( click here to check the air scaler)


LY® Kavo Compatible High Frequency Ultrasonic Air Scaler 3Tips

This kit include:
Air Scaler Handpiece with power setting 1 pc
GK1 GK2 GK3 tips
Torque wrench
Sonic Powered Endo Irrigation Tips RCL 10pcs
Sonic Powered Endo Irrigation Tips RCS 10pcs
Dental Air Scaler Handpiece
Midwest 4 hole connection
With 3 level power setting
GK1 GK2 GK3 scaler tips included, compatible with KaVo tips
134℃ Autoclavable torque wrench included
Sonic Powered Endo Irrigation Tips
RCL(29mm)-Long for Anterior Front Teeth
RCS (22mm)-Short for Posterior Back Teeth
Similar with VDW EDDY tips, but autoclavable
Sonic powered tips for activating irrigants

These tips are powered at a high frequency of up to 6,000 Hz by air scaler. The vibration produced is transferred to the polyamide tip, which – thanks to the special qualities of the material – is moved in an oscillating motion at high amplitude. This three-dimensional movement triggers cavitation and acoustic streaming attributed with higher cleaning efficiency.

Sonic powered tips bring the same effectiveness to activating irrigants as ultrasonics, but due to the soft polymer tips, sets a new standard of combined safety and efficiency. Furthermore, the tip demonstrates its versatility by supporting placement and removal of calcium hydroxide as well as placement of sealer.


LY LY-L201 Dental Turbine Handpiece + Low Speed Handepiece Kit (click here to check the handpiece unit)


LY LY-L201 Dental Turbine Handpiece + Low Speed Handepiece Kit

Main features:

1. Low Speed 20,000-30,000 rpm.
2. The shank of the instrument mounted therein is 2.35 mm
3. Fastening of the instruments with a turning latch
4. 135°C Autoclavable·
5. For any lab or E-type motors·
6. Have two type for the client select: push button ,latch type
Chuck type: latch type contra angle straight head air motor
Spray:external channel
Rotation speed:20,000~30,000r.p.m.
Working air pressure:0.30~0.345mpa
Bur applicable:2.335~2.355mm
Connection:4 holes or 2 holes available
135℃ autoclave:available
Application:dental clinic and dental hospital
Wrranty period:1 year
2Pcs Dental turbine handpiece
1Pcs Dental contra-angle
1Pcs Dental straight handpiece
1Pcs Dental air motor E type

Dental Polishing Polisher Hygiene Air Jet Prophy Mate Unit Fit Midwest M4 4 Hole

Dental Polishing Polisher Hygiene Air Jet Prophy Mate Unit Fit Midwest M4 4 Hole

1.The appearance is handsome and dexterous and the structure is indiscrete.
2. Directly connecting to dental machinery, so it is very handy.
3. Replace the trunk by push-pull.
4. It can be sterilized in temperature of 135℃.
5. One-way facility in Mini-polisher can prevent powder from return.


1.Water pressure:0.05Mpa-0.5MPa
2.Water type:Tap water
3.Water flow:0mL/Min-350mL/Min
4.Air pressure:0.2MPa-0.5MPa
5.Powder flow:0g/Min-20g/Min
6.Granularity of powder :100 Mesh
7.Powder type:Sodium bicarbonate ,Calcium carbonate,or silicon dioxide


Nozzle---------------------1 pcs
Trunk----------------------1 pcs
Mainbody-------------------1 pcs
Spare parts----------------1 pcs
Needle---------------------1 pcs
Qc-------------------------1 pcs
manual---------------------1 pcs


LY® Dental Curing Light Wireless LED 1500mw Lamp



1. Streamline Design for Dental Curing Light 1500mw X1
2. Detachable handle with 2200mAh battery
3. Light unit easy to operate
4. Three modes control with LCD display
5. Better charging with Human design To avoid the unintended Break 6. Sound Alert Feature



Spectrum Range: 420-480nm
Power Unit: 24 x 200m
Weight: 220g
Battery: Lithiun ion Battery
Battery Capability: 2200mAh
Voltage: Worldwide used 100v-240v


Package With
LED curing light handle x 1
Curing light glass guide x 1
Light protect blatt x 1
Power charging x 1
English manual x1

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