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JeKen JeKen JeKen specialized in design, development, manufacturing and sales Jeken ultrasonic cleaner in standard specifications such as: Jeken mini ultrasonic cleaner , micro ultrasonic cleaner, household ultrasonic cleaner, medical ultrasonic cleaner, industrial ultrasonic cleaner etc.
Through over 10 years of hard working and unremitting pursuit for perfection, JeKen's quality is now one of leading companies in the ultrasonic cleaning field. All products have unique design, fine shape, good packaging, exquisite materials, excellent performance and complete authentication, and are sold to all over the world with its good after-sales service system, and with relatively high market share in US, UK, Germany, Japan and other developed countries.
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  • JeKen® CD-4820 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner with Timer And Heater 2.5L

    MariaSmith: This cleaner is great. I use this mainly for cleaning fired brass for reloading. After running brass through this along with a brass cleaner (Hornady One Shot), brass comes out looking factory new. That being said, for others I do still first run walnut media for an hour or two, remove the primer, then run the brass through this. I can fit several hundred cases in this and it is very large (2.5 liters). The heater doesn't bring the water temp up much, bath water warm maybe. Directions said a certain amount but you could easily add hot water yourself. The cleaner I bought my wife a few years ago was the same price, .8 liters, and didn't have the included heater. The basket inside is mostly flat and the side/ends do not wrap up. In my situation, the cases fall off, so I scoop them out and forego the plastic basket. If you had less water and smaller items, the basket would help retrieve your items. Otherwise you'll likely end up sticking your hand in to grab your item. Mainly it will only be useful for smaller items laying flat and not piled in.

  • 14L Commercial Stainless Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine JPS-50A with Digital Timer

    Squeept: Many people have said it is loud. Well, duh, it is a SONICation bath! It is no louder than any I've used. Mine is in a separate room in my shop. I wear ear protection when I'm near it. That is more for comfort than necessity. It is not that it is loud, but it is an irritating sound. That is all normal though. It does a great job cleaning tools and clock mechanisms. I was surprised that not only is dirt removed, but the brass seems polished! I love it. The drain fitting was easy to get a threaded barb from the Home Depot. Good tool.

  • 6L Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner Cleaning Machine JPS-30A 110V/220V

    Steve: Fits Motorcycle Carbs Very good value. Works well. Heats up HOT! Was able to fit a full rack of 1982 Yamaha Maxim 650 carbs into it (12"). Louder than anticipated.

  • 14L Commercial Stainless Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine JPS-50A with Digital Timer

    BillFowler: We are using this for cleaning Musical Instrument parts such as Silver Plated Brass Mouthpieces, Plastic & Hard Rubber Woodwind Mouthpieces, Silver Plated and/or Lacquer coated Brass Musical Instrument parts. The unit arrived quickly and was packed adequately. Set-up was quick and easy. We added a brass fitting to the drain to attach a clear vinyl drain hose since this unit is being used on a counter top. This is our findings after using it for a month about a few hours each day. The settings for the temperature are in Celsius so many will have to convert temperature accordingly. It does take a lot of time (30 minutes), to heat up the solution (40 C), so plan accordingly if your cleaning requires heat. Conversely, if you are doing several batches of cleaning, be careful about the unit going over the set temperature, (according to the read out on the panel). We've turned it off in between uses to avoid burning out the heating element. The cleaning power of this unit seems to be adequate for general use. Longer or repeated cleaning periods may be necessary for some items. It is dependent upon the severity of the items to be cleaned and what solution you use. We are going after calcified deposits inside brass tubes and have experimented with a few different solutions. So far, our best results have been with a mix of White Vinegar, Baking Soda and Sea Salt. Another good cleaning solution is a dilution of Simple Green HD and Dawn Ultra Dish Detergent. Both of these have worked well being heated between 35-45 degrees Celsius at 10-15 cleaning times.

  • 19L Stainless Ultrasonic Cleaner JPS-70A with Digital Control LCD & NC Heating

    RoboRider: This bad boy doesnt fool around. Ive used it to clean out disgusting brass that I picked up on the range and weber carburetor bodies and parts that coming out looking new. Wish it were large enough to put engine blocks in.