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Dental Dry Heat Sterilizer comment
  • Dental Lab Heat Cabinet Autoclave Hot Dry High Temperature Sterilizer Tools

    Bykova: Since I didn't have access to an agar plate to see if my instruments were sterile or just clean, I used the sterilizer and then swirled the tips of the instrument in a sterile test tube filled with sterile saline. I covered the tube and then waited for cloudiness. After a few days, nada. So I spun the saline down and then looked for a pellet in the bottom of the tube. Still nada. Lastly, I poured out the supernatant and placed a drop of the saline on a slide. No bacteria! The outer box says "sanitizer" but the label on the unit says "sterilizer", so it's a bit confusing, but it seems to get hot enough for me to be comfortable using it for "clean" procedures, but for surgery? Autoclave.

  • NOVA® NV-208C Sterilizer Dry Heat Durable Service Magnifier Uitraviolet Radiation

    lastingcreationbymarcy: (I'm on my husband's account). I'm a LMT that owns my own business, and I looked at a bunch of towel warmers. For this price range, I purchased this one. I've been really happy with it, so far! I have to make sure to turn it on about 30-15 minutes before my first appointment of the day, but that's not unexpected. The light works as described, and I've not had a problem in the ~4 weeks that I've used it on a semi-daily basis.