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  • Dental heater for dental resin composite softener warmer keep warm 40C 45C 50C

    The MagicBox is designed to be used to heat the resin and to place the prepared inlay and venner to improve the bonding performance, to prevent premature curing of the composite material and to heat the resin injection nozzle. With a special filter material,it can filter out 99% blue light. MagicBox uses a precise circuit to control the heating module,so that the temperature tolerance is controlled at ±1℃

  • RebomEndo RPEX 6 4.5 LCD Dental Endodontic Root Canal RPEX Apex Locator

    Accuracy: America made high quality chip, digital measurement and multi-frequency measuring technology. Clinical practices showed that our accuracy is the same to company D from USA, company V from Gremany and company M from Japan. Anti-interference, measuring results is not affected by different kinds of teeth or root canal environment.

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  • Payment Method

    vsaad1 : Can I get a price in Australian dollars please
    Admin: Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. Could you please tell me which detailed product you want? Then I can make a confirmation. Thanks.

  • Contact Us

    vsaad1 : Mine is overheating , where can I get it serviced
    Admin: Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. Could you please provide me your order number or the email which you used to place the order? Wait for your reply. Then I can make a confirmation. Thanks.

  • Customer Service

    reena.Kataria : Hi I just placed and order for a marathon Micromotor handpiece. When I place the order first it said that you have put incorrect credit card details so I put it again, and then I got that it has been placed. But checked my card I have been charged twice, I only want one handpiece can you cancel the second and reverse the charges for it. Many thanks Reena
    Admin: Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. We have arranged the refund of one payment to you, please make a confirmation. And could you please check your email? I want to make a confirmation of your order. Thanks for your understanding.

  • Dental Wireless LED Curing Light UV 2000mW

    luisana09dental : Nice item, works perfectly!

  • Contact Us

    Mltharrison7 : To whom it mayconcern I am a dental hygienist wanting to work in retirement villages and nursing homes and in need of portable dental units to move around with I am interested in the suitcase style ones but have a few questions I need answered Please Firstly Are they ARTG approved in Australia do I get a certificate stTing this Also does the ultrasonic scalar hand piece and tip come off so it can be sterilised in an autoclave And I need the equipment to work quietly are they very quiet to run as I would be in nursing homes Please get back to me ASAP please Also do I get warranty Thanking you Kind regards Marinella
    Admin: Dear Customer, Really sorry for the delayed reply. I'm really sorry that we do not have ARTG approved in Australia, but we have other certificate. Is it OK? Wait for your reply. Thanks.

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