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  • JeKen® CE-5200A Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner 0.75L

    Aerlpam : I have to say this is very useful in every household! I put my glasses in the water, and I can see the dirty swirls rising from the glasses. After the wash, the water looks dirty and my glasses are super clean!

  • Aixin AX-Z2 Dental Lab Vibrator Adjustable Vibrating Equipment Machine

    clayton : The variable settings on this shaker are great, as you can range from a light stirring to something much more vigorous. If you're mixing things together with dyes, you may end up with more pigment being sloshed to the center than with a different sort of shaker, but after time the constant stirring motion will thoroughly mix most materials.

  • Marathon N3 Micromotor Micro Motor 35,000RPM Handpiece Dental Lab Equipment

    Colette : We ordered 2 of these Electric handpieces in January and they work wonderfully. After about 1 month of use, one of them stopped working. After a few emails with this manufacturer, they sent us a brand new one at no cost.

  • Dental Magnetic Articulator Art-2

    Caragan : The best manicure machine , I love it

  • Dental Magnetic Articulator Art-2

    Royjones : Super perfect! These are sturdy, only take a few minutes to figure out, and are mostly pre-assembled. I make creature teeth for theatrical use and love how easily adjustable these are as I try out different designs. I bought 3 and love them SO MUCH. I've had them several months now and they are a cool part of my dental kit.

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