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  • Dental Implant Torque Wrench Latch-Type Multi Driver Set for Dental Practices

    This kit is used to remove and fasten implant prosthetics. It includes a complete set of components for tightening clinical and prosthetic screws to the correct torque value. This kit gives you the ability to handle any implant brand. Save time and money by not having to order drivers from many different companies.

  • Dental Diode Laser Wireless Pen Periodontal Soft Tissue Endonotic Surgical Root

    Less and Sometimes No Blood Loss for Surgery. Optical coagulation :Seal blood vessels without thermal cauterization or carbonization. Cut and coagulate tissue damage, increase tissue-protecting surgery. Minimize post-operative inflammation and discomfort. Reduce patient discomfort and the need for anesthetic.

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  • If the phone can not be connected for the moment?

    C_moatlhodi : Hi, Are you in Australia or USA. Kind regards, Charlie
    Admin: Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. We are located in China, but we offer free shipping to you. Any further needs, please let me know. Thanks.

  • Woodpecker I LED Dental Wireless LED Curing Light Curing 2300mw/CM2

    koepke : The curing tip has the LED part built into the tip so when seated into the handle, it completes a contact with the battery pack. This seems to be a better design than the lights that have a curing tip that is a glass rod. It just has a sturdier feel and makes me believe that it won't just snap off.

  • Portable Dental Turbine Unit + Air Compressor +Suction System + Triplex Syringe

    Berenice : Although from the first purchase I had some problems with the equipment, the response level of the seller is excellent, I recommend them because they are a serious and responsible company, the seller was attentive to all my requirements to solve the problems, they always responded quickly and efficiently to the messages I send them, the advice despite the distance was excellent. I cannot complain it has been a good buy and it has been a good seller. The machine works well and the seller is always attentive to solve any problem.

  • GREELOY Dental Delivery Unit Mobile Cart Self-contained Air Compressor+ Scaler+ LED Curing Light

    Mireni : This product was delivered very promptly during the Holiday Season. The unit does has some heft to it since it is a self contained unit. Everything on the unit worked just as advertised. The only drawbacks I could find are that the foot pedal operates opposite of what I am used to. To activate your toe up instead of toe down. The only thing that I wish it had was a fiber optic light ability. This unit is very quiet and rolls around just fine. The removeable top is very convenient for storage of drills, scalers, water wand, etc. The price point was very reasonable for what you get.
    Admin: Dear Customer, Thanks for your positive feedback. Best regards.

  • Woodpecker® UDS-E LED Fiber Optic Ultrasonic Scaler EMS Compatible

    Janneth : What I like about this dental scaler is that is portable and easy to use. I use it to do my family dental cleaning at home. The only problem that I’m having is that I don’t have suction system when I’m using it so people have to spit the water often but the machine itself is good for the price.

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