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  • Dental Implant Torque Wrench Ratchet 10-70NCM with Screwdriver Kit

    Drivers:1.0ANK(Long+Short)Fit Ankylos. Drivers:1.3 3I(Long+Short) Fit 3I、OSS、MMEGA、UFIT、NEO、DAT. Drivers:1.27 DEN(Long+Short) Fit DEN、BEGO、ZIMMER、AST、COR、ADIN、AB. Drivers:1.4ICX (Long+Short) Fit ICX. Drivers:NOB(Long+Short) Fit NOB. Drivers:ITI(Long+Short) Fit ITI. Drivers:1.16ANT (Long+Short) fit Anthogyr.

  • Srefo® R-1905 Programmable Small Dental Preheating Furnace Oven Dental Lab Muffle Furnace

    Programmable furnace with 3 stages of temperature control , protecting the wire and prolonging its service life. Novel ceramic insulation fiber with less heat loss. External box temperature is lower than 40℃. Temperature control accurately and heat up fast , the highest temperature can reach 1000℃. Auto start within 24 hours.

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