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  • 10 pcs Tungsten Steel Dental Burs Lab Tooth Drill For handpiece Polisher

    StephanieSantos: Thought these would wear out in 5 seconds. Surprised me. Used them on metal mostly. Probably about 5 hours a bit and still going strong!

  • Toboom® 12pcs Burs for Ceramic Crown Anterior Teeth and Molars Preparation

    albalier: Usually I would not expend this much effort reviewing a 10 dollar item, but this is a really nice set for hobby work, repairs on partials, acrylics/epoxy, and surprisingly well made for the price. Fantastic selection of diamond points with various sizes and shapes and enough extras to feel comfortable using them aggressively. The silicone grinding bits cut very well but will leave scratches on acrylics/epoxies that require something with finer grit size (or more skill) to remove if you need a flawless polish on the final work. The buffing wheels and brush are quite sturdy and they work exactly as expected. Mine show little wear after 20-30 minutes actual use (buffing/polishing) on acrylic resin. Diamond bits show no wear and just a little clogging from temporary crown material. All fit the smaller mandrel collar on Dremel tools, they mounted easily, are well balanced, and spin true.