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Dental Binocular Loupes
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Dental Binocular Loupes comment
  • Dental 3.5X Binocular Loupes + 5W LED Head Light w/ Filter + Aluminum Box Black

    WEBMASTER: They work! I like the adjustable bright light. I don't like the sides of the glasses that offer less protection against splash or debris than my reading glasses. They work! So I am happy to have saved $$!

  • Dental Surgical Binocular 2.5X420mm Leather Headband Loupe with LED Headlight

    ronen: I use this daily. Wish it stayed charged for a full 7 hour day. Wish the light was brighter.

  • Dental Surgical Medical Binocular Loupes 2.5X420mm Optical Glass DY-101

    pencilpusher: I ordered this loupe for hobby work and DIY jobs around the house with some reluctance. The price seemed too low for a high quality product. I was very surprised when I opened the nicely made semi-hard zipper case and removed a beautifully finished product. I was even more surprised when I adjusted them and tried the magnification on a project. The optical quality is quite good; more than adequate for my needs. A word to the wise for those who are not knowledgeable about optical magnification. Proper adjustment is critical to achieve binocularity. If they are just a little to wide or narrow, you will be seeing out of one lens or even worse, experience double vision. The distance between lenses must be close to the distance between your pupils at the near distance. You can find this out from your eyeglass prescription, your eye doctor, or have someone measure the distance between your pupils with a small ruler. After this is set, they must be angled so that they point roughly toward the focal distance (in this case 420 mm). The back of the lenses should come as close to resting on the spectacle lenses behind them as possible. My only other comment is that if you have a lot of astigmatism (greater than about 0.50 diopters-look at your glasses RX) or wear a strong plus or minus glasses correction, you would probably be better off with similar loupes that clip onto your glasses. Overall I am delighted with this product and would buy it again.

  • Dental Surgical Binocular 3.5X420mm Leather Headband Loupe + LED Headlight Black

    ToddFazio: I am a dentist and needed to replace my SheerVision light. My 3.5x loupes were old and I decided to try these loupes and light before paying >$600 for new loupes and >$400 for a new light. I am very pleased with the new loupes and I would give the loupes 5 stars. The light was not bright enough for intraoral use and I would give the light 2 stars. I ended up buying a "dental" intraoral light for my new loupes.

  • JD2100 High Quality LED Headlight With 3.5X Loupe

    Anyones: It's easy to use, and the quality valued the price! thanks.