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  • The dental unit has very good quality, the noise that it produces is really low to be a compressor, the operation of the high and low speed is perfect, with air and water adjustment. The suitcase has wheels which is very useful for moving the equipment because it weighs a lot which I do not appreciate as something negative considering that a compressor. This equipment is very useful for providing dental care to people with few resources who live in places far from the city.

  • Excellent item, and shipment was on perfect time.

  • bom dia , tenho somente a Máquina M-868A x1, preciso do restante dos itens (Cabo de vídeo x1 Cabo USB x1 Disco x1 Capa de câmera x50 DC5V / 3A Fornecedor de energia x1 CF-986 (cartão TF) x1 Suporte de câmera x 1) Voces vendem somente os itens acima mencionado? Qual Valor ? Att Marla / / 42 99931-7487 / 42 3646-4569

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  • I love this machine, I use it almost every day. It’s exactly as described and very easy to setup as well as transport places. My roomates are not bothered by the noise and decibal wise it’s quiet for its function. I highly recommend as an at home or on the go unit.

  • Due to a prescription I'm taking, one ankle and foot began to swell. Sitting with my foot under the infrared lamp for about 90 minutes reduces the swelling and makes me more comfortable. Repeat daily because it treats the symptom, not the cause. Worth every penny. So glad a friend told me about this "temporary miracle."

  • When I first received this product, I thought it was defective (the head of the lamp didn't stay attached to the stand). However, after I started the return process I realized that the product wasn't defective at all. You just have to push the head of the lamp pretty hard into the housing on the stand. After realizing this I cancelled the return process. I am happy with this purchase.

  • Anonymous YUSENDENT COXO C-Smart-Mini Wireless Endodontic Endo Motor 5 16/02/2021 23:29:17

    The product is very effective and reliable. Good manufacturing.

  • Anonymous 05/02/2021 00:58:05

    Can you tell me how can I change my password? What am I doing wrong? Please tell me. Yours faithfully.

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  • Hi I need a 3mm grip and do you have delivery service?

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  • The handpiece is a very awsome product i am very pleased.and shipping was quick

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