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  • Light is perfect and strong, exactly what I needed and gave an Australian power adaptor for free too. Thanks so much!

  • 5Pcs Dental Zinc Alloy Spring Articulator Denture Articulator 5 25/07/2021 20:50:40

    Amazing quality, exactly what I needed Thank you so much, from Sydney Australia. Shipping was quick too!

  • What is the support weight for a light in this arm. Does it hold a 21k light? Sergio

    Admin Reply: Dear Customer,

    Thanks for your reply.
    I have sent an email to you, please check it.
  • The curing tip has the LED part built into the tip so when seated into the handle, it completes a contact with the battery pack. This seems to be a better design than the lights that have a curing tip that is a glass rod. It just has a sturdier feel and makes me believe that it won't just snap off.

  • Although from the first purchase I had some problems with the equipment, the response level of the seller is excellent, I recommend them because they are a serious and responsible company, the seller was attentive to all my requirements to solve the problems, they always responded quickly and efficiently to the messages I send them, the advice despite the distance was excellent. I cannot complain it has been a good buy and it has been a good seller. The machine works well and the seller is always attentive to solve any problem.

  • This product was delivered very promptly during the Holiday Season. The unit does has some heft to it since it is a self contained unit. Everything on the unit worked just as advertised. The only drawbacks I could find are that the foot pedal operates opposite of what I am used to. To activate your toe up instead of toe down. The only thing that I wish it had was a fiber optic light ability. This unit is very quiet and rolls around just fine. The removeable top is very convenient for storage of drills, scalers, water wand, etc. The price point was very reasonable for what you get.

    Admin Reply: Dear Customer,

    Thanks for your positive feedback.
    Best regards.
  • What I like about this dental scaler is that is portable and easy to use. I use it to do my family dental cleaning at home. The only problem that I’m having is that I don’t have suction system when I’m using it so people have to spit the water often but the machine itself is good for the price.

  • I got this to clean sterling silver and was a bit disappointed. But I have since cleaned some other things and have been quite satisfied. Jewelry clean up shiny in less than a minute. But the best was cleaning my glasses. All the hard-to-get crud in and around the nose pads - gone. I cleaned the whole family's glasses and everyone said they hadn't been that clean since they were new. I still plan to use this to clean the sap off of my table saw blades. I've done this before - so I know it will work. And this summer, all those hard to clean, small bicycle parts will have their turn in the tub.

  • Anonymous LY® Dental Curing Light Wireless LED 1500mw Lamp 4 22/05/2021 17:27:12

    I like the convenience and ease of use. It works as it should. I did only give 4 stars though because the black part that attaches to the main handheld arrived broken. I refused it’s just glass so be careful with it. I did say I was sending it back and the return was so easy!! They send me a new one out right away and I have a month to send the broken one back. So that was great. Other than the glass being easily broken I love this little light and it works great for teeth whitening

  • I have not tried it yet, the delivery was fast and it looks like a product, which will serve me a lot for its functions

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