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  • which was the most useful one since you can use it everyday at home Suffered from a grade 2 ankle sprain for months since it happened last Aug when I played volleyball. Tried many other methods with more than 300 hundred dollars after I found this lamp, which was the most useful one since you can use it everyday at home. After used it less than two weeks, I was able to walk conformably and began to play volleyball again.

  • Arrived on time. This model is very much like the more expensive heat lamp our accupuncturist uses. It works well for warming up after snow blowing the large driveway. Works best for me using the lamp approx. 15" from the body part that needs warming.

  • Exactly what I needed I'm very happy with my purchase. It's easy to set up and run. I've done vinyl records and jewelry in it already and it's such a difference before and after!

  • I would buy THIS one for mouthguard cleaning - that is the only reason I have it. I have a custom mouthguard because I grind at night, and need to ensure I keep my new mouthguard up and running (my old one was also damaged in the fires/smoke). GET THIS ONE if you are looking to clean a dental appliance. It rocks!

  • Everyone needs at least one!! Love love TDP's. I have 2. I have bought for several others, who also love it. I also use at my chiropractors office.

  • Gift for disabled sister My sister has SMA and her hands and feet get really cold, she uses it while she works at her computer or is just reading a book. Definitely worth the money. Also, the dog loved it!

  • Anonymous Bozhihan CQ-36 250W TDP Far Infrared Mineral Heat Lamp 5 23/06/2020 15:26:02

    It keeps me well When I get chills, or a tummy ache, or my knee hurts - this lamp does it all. I have used this lamp for over 10 years and I would not live without it. The very best thing for healing infections. I use it so much I have replaced the head several times in the past, that is no big deal and is very inexpensive and far outweighs the benefits. I have two lampsize for my birds too.

  • It does produce a lot of Ozone which some people might find off putting and I expect the UVC kill range is probably limited to areas directly exposed to it. Also never look directly at the lamp and only use it in an empty room for an hour or so. Bulbs like this really should only be used on a proper base which has a switch on delay and an auto timer to switch off. I must say the bedroom it was tried in did seem fresher but that could be the Ozone effect.

  • This lamp is extremely good, much brighter and more effective than a previous bulb I bought from a different seller, the bulb disinfects a small room within about 15 minutes, leaving it smelling clean and fresh similar to a walk near the sea. The bulb gets rid of doggie smells and kills mould also removing the horrible smell associated. I also highly recommend the company for their excellent customer service.

    Admin Reply: Thanks you to give me extremely the such high appraisal, I can give each buyer to provide a better post-sale service even more diligently, lets each buyer the happiness which purchases in my here, ultra value.Thanks
  • Rescues dirty vinyl well Use distilled water only. Do not use the detergent that comes with it as it leaves a residue. Otherwise a great value and cleans far better that any type of vacuum machine.

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