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HQY-Y Moving Type Mobile Dental Digital Intraoral Dental X Ray System
  • HQY-Y Moving Type Mobile Dental Digital Intraoral Dental X Ray System

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HQY-Y Moving Type Mobile Dental Digital Intraoral Dental X Ray System


1.1 Characteristics

HQY-Y dental x-ray unit is an essential diagnostic equipment for dentist with features as following:

a). Simple structure: The x-ray generator, central controller and unit frame are integrated into one unit.

b). Good protection: The radiation is much lower than national protecting standard.

c). Digital circuit: The digital circuit makes exposure time accurately.


1.2 Main use  

The unit is particularly provided for synthesis hospitals,cavity specialty hospital and dental clinic to take photo.


1.3 Environmental and working conditions

a. Condition of transportation and store

Environmental temperature: -20~70ºC

Relative humidity:≤75%

Atmospheric pressure: 50~106Kpa106Kpa

b. Conditions of operation

Environmental temperature: 10~40ºC

Relative humidity:≤75%

Atmospheric pressure: 70~

c. Power supply

Single phase AC 220±22V;50Hz±1Hz

Power capacity:>1000VA

Power resistance:<2Ω


1.4 Security and relative symbol

Don't use or store near the place which is possible to fire.

Don't use or store where air pressure or temperature or moisture exceeds range.

Keep good ventilation and avoid direct sunlight, protect against the eroding of dust and corrosive air.

Avoid slant, shaking, and shock (including transportation).

Don't use or store near to chemicals or combustible gas.

There is  to indicate grounding nut, please be sure of good grounding before use.

 means output of radiation.

The machine is with special device to control radiation for safe operation.



2.1 Technical specifications

tube voltage: 60KV±10%

tube current: 8mA±20%

exposal time: 0.2~4.0s

input power: <600VA

output power: P≈339VA

irradiation diameter: 6cm

fuse: RF1-20- 5A

capacity: 60KV . 8mA .

the way of operation :breake load;continuous operation

the weigh of x-ray source:7.5Kg

the variation rate of high-voltage generator   1:226

manufactory:hangzhou wandong electrical Co.Ltd.

X-ray area:3.14x262(mm2)

The time of loading follows R'10

up-down range of X-ray head: 400mm

forward-back range of X-ray head: 900mm

level turning angle of head: 360°

rounding angle of head: 270°

life: 6 years


2.2 Main specifications of X-ray tube

XD2-1.4/85 fixup anode X-ray tube

Top working voltage:85KV

Focus value:1.5mm

Target angle:23°



     Working frequency:50~60HZ

Perspective loading:150W

Anode thermal capacity:9 KJ


2.3 Main specifications of X-ray generator

X-ray Generator

X-ray tube:XD2-1.4/85

Focus value:1.5mm

Total Al equivalent:2mmAL

Tube voltage:60KV

Tube current:8mA


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