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  • 25W Quartz UVC+Ozone Germicidal Lamp Ultraviolet Light Bulb E27/E26 110v Cleans Air

    Rhydding: It does produce a lot of Ozone which some people might find off putting and I expect the UVC kill range is probably limited to areas directly exposed to it. Also never look directly at the lamp and only use it in an empty room for an hour or so. Bulbs like this really should only be used on a proper base which has a switch on delay and an auto timer to switch off. I must say the bedroom it was tried in did seem fresher but that could be the Ozone effect.

  • 38W UV+Ozone Light Sanitizer UV-C Disinfection Portable Germicidal Lamp

    husband: This lamp is extremely good, much brighter and more effective than a previous bulb I bought from a different seller, the bulb disinfects a small room within about 15 minutes, leaving it smelling clean and fresh similar to a walk near the sea. The bulb gets rid of doggie smells and kills mould also removing the horrible smell associated. I also highly recommend the company for their excellent customer service.

  • 25W Quartz UVC+Ozone Germicidal Lamp Ultraviolet Light Bulb E27/E26 110v Cleans Air

    Brandon: This light is very effective. It is a powerful UVC germicidal light that creates a *lot* of ozone. I have it 4 stars for scent because I expected lots of ozone. My wife works in Healthcare but not front line and has to reuse her limited N95 mask supply. N95 masks should not be wetted at all - even with alcohol - because it removes the electric charge that helps trap microbes and particulates. I used this bulb in a UVC steribox built from Home Depot boxes and Reflectix. It's big enough to sanitize groceries, mail, masks, and even Amazon deliveries - and leaves my alcohol and sanitizer wipes for other uses.

  • 25W Quartz UVC+Ozone Germicidal Lamp Ultraviolet Light Bulb E27/E26 110v Cleans Air

    DonnyB: I just used my bulb for the first time in my basement. I left it on for a half an hour and it did produce a lot of ozone. I wouldn't call it over powering as some people have described, nor would I call it "nasty". I would liken it to a strong sense of bleach. I left the area closed off for about 2 hours before returning and now there is just a mild ozone smell - a pleasant fresh and clean smell like you get after a thunderstorm int he summer. The bulb itself appears well made. I didn't notice any quality defects as one reviewer complained. I'll be using it over the coming days and weeks throughout the house and will report any problems. If I report no changes - then it is working the same with no complaints.

  • 36W UVC Ozone Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp Remote UV Sterilization Quartz Lights

    oznew: The ozone can be a bit much if in a closed space, but I think it works really well. I used it in a shower to cut down on the mold growing in the grout lines. I also do think the ozone is beneficial in getting in the cracks as others have mentioned. Great product thus far. Waiting to see how long it will last...