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  • 5Pcs 8*12*15mm Dental Fiber Guide Rod Tip for LED Curing Light

    Charmd: Comes in really handy. It’s very important to protect your curing light especially during this time of COVID

  • 5PCS Red Goggles Glasses for Curing Light Teeth Whitening Eyewear Safety

    Levinson: It's good. I use it for my diy dental curing lights, so i need protective glasses to protect me from getting blind. This glasses worked.

  • 1X New Dental 10W Wireless Cordless LED Curing Light Lamp 2000mw Black Silver CE

    DeSapinece: This is not my primary curing light. I have an Ivoclar unit that I use all day. That one cost a fortune, this didn't. This is a backup curing light used primarily by Hygiene when placing sealants when I am using the Ivoclar unit. As a backup it works great. It cures comp and sealants like it is supposed to. The preset times are off: 4s,6s,8s. That is a bit inconvenient. At this price I could get what, 200 of them before I hit the price of Ivoclar? I get product with the Ivoclar so that is an exaggeration. If you want a backup this is it. Using this as an all day, everyday light I couldn't say...

  • Dental LED Curing Cure Lamp light Wireless Cordless 1500mw for Dentist 5 Color

    Dennis: I bought this because my dental office needed a curing light FAST. I paid a paltry $60 for this light, as compared to $1,200 and/or $1,500 for "regular dental" curing lights -- which are all rip-off priced to begin with. This light works perfectly at a fraction of the cost. I'll buy a couple more for backup, but, if this light lasts even one year, it's a great deal..

  • Dental Wireless Curing LED Lamp Cordless LED Light Meter 1800mw 5W

    SiaSynn: Easy Peezy This is easy to use. The light intesity is powerful. You can actually feel the heat in a matter of seconds. Be mindful when using it to avoid tooth sensitivity.