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Alan Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner
The advantages of ultrasonic cleaners are high cleanness and fast. Especially for blind holes and a variety of geometric objects, the wash effect is the best among other cleaning methods. Besides, there is no need to add other detergent but water in the cleaning process.

We offer three specifications of ultrasonic cleaners including large (15L-30L), in (3L-10L), and Small (0.14L-2L) for Australia and its surrounding areas. Different specifications of ultrasonic cleaners can help you clean from large-sized industrial parts to small-sized jewelry, eyewear, watches and related Websites handpiece assembly.
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Ultrasonic Cleaner comment
  • Codyson Professional Makeup Brush Ultrasonic Cleaner 2019 New CDS-310

    Malinois: This is as close to what a jewelry store uses but at a fraction of the cost. The amount of debris this removes from my jewelry, eye glasses and watches is astounding. I know this is a REAL ultra sonic, and not one of the cheap ones from Walmart , because it drives my dogs crazy. With the cheap ones I had bought over the years at $35 a pop the dogs never reacted and those cheap machines maybe lasted a couple years. This machine is a true professional machine with true ultrasonic action. The reaction from my dogs confirmed that for me. I highly recommend this machine. Unless you use a lot of make brushes I don't think that attachment is necessary but it came with the machine. The beaker and basket are all one really needed. If you have dogs use it as far away from them as possible to avoid freaking them out. Doesn't hurt them of course but it does make they a little crazy for awhile. I turn on the bathroom fan and other sources of white noise to drowned out the ultrasonic noise as much as possible or use in the garage.

  • KD-6001 Ultrasonic and Ozone Vegetable/ Fruit Sterilizer

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