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Woodpecker Dental Curing Light
LED light curing machine (dental photosensitive resin curing machine) is the machine which is used to solidify the photosensitive resin material when the dentist helps the patient repair their teeth, and it consits of the light source portion and a control circuit.The scope of application: to solidify the resin material and repairing tooth for cavity section.

Compared with halogen lamps, LED is not only dissipating much less heat, but also almost all light is blue. So, it is called cold light.
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Dental Curing Light comment
  • Woodpecker® Dental LED.B Curing Light

    Roberto-Reyes-guerrero: Great product I needed a new light for curing natural die material. My old unit would take nearly two minutes, but this one gets a full cure done in just one minute. Excellent product for a lab!

  • Woodpecker® Dental LED.B Curing Light

    Gabor: Great product Lovely a great experience buying by internet it’s qrrive previously, in good conditions, it’s working batter as other resin lamps as I have

  • Woodpecker® Dental LED.B Curing Light

    Anyones: Items arrived on time and in great condition. Will do business again with the seller. Thank you

  • Woodpecker® Dental LED.B Curing Light

    Anyones: Great service and fast delivery it was delivered by the day it was promised and in great shape Thank you