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Alan Dental Dental Curing Light
LED light curing machine (dental photosensitive resin curing machine) is the machine which is used to solidify the photosensitive resin material when the dentist helps the patient repair their teeth, and it consits of the light source portion and a control circuit.The scope of application: to solidify the resin material and repairing tooth for cavity section.

Compared with halogen lamps, LED is not only dissipating much less heat, but also almost all light is blue. So, it is called cold light.
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Dental Curing Light comment
  • 1X New Dental 10W Wireless Cordless LED Curing Light Lamp 2000mw Black Silver CE

    DeSapinece: This is not my primary curing light. I have an Ivoclar unit that I use all day. That one cost a fortune, this didn't. This is a backup curing light used primarily by Hygiene when placing sealants when I am using the Ivoclar unit. As a backup it works great. It cures comp and sealants like it is supposed to. The preset times are off: 4s,6s,8s. That is a bit inconvenient. At this price I could get what, 200 of them before I hit the price of Ivoclar? I get product with the Ivoclar so that is an exaggeration. If you want a backup this is it. Using this as an all day, everyday light I couldn't say...

  • Dental LED Curing Cure Lamp light Wireless Cordless 1500mw for Dentist 5 Color

    Dennis: I bought this because my dental office needed a curing light FAST. I paid a paltry $60 for this light, as compared to $1,200 and/or $1,500 for "regular dental" curing lights -- which are all rip-off priced to begin with. This light works perfectly at a fraction of the cost. I'll buy a couple more for backup, but, if this light lasts even one year, it's a great deal..

  • Dental Wireless Curing LED Lamp Cordless LED Light Meter 1800mw 5W

    SiaSynn: Easy Peezy This is easy to use. The light intesity is powerful. You can actually feel the heat in a matter of seconds. Be mindful when using it to avoid tooth sensitivity.

  • Dental LED Curing Light Lamp Wireless Resin Cure With Light Meter 2000mw/cm2

    JERKINS: easy to use, works great Good sized handle. Nice large display. The intensity meter in the base is a welcome feature. Seems to stay charged for a long time...we just put it in the base once per week, and it stays fully charged. Very happy with the light.

  • Dental 3-1 Caries Detection Blue Light Diagnostic Curing Lamp & Light Meter 3 Color

    Rebecca: Great value Produces steady light with slightly higher lumens than the much more expensive light that I got through my dental supplier