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95 Zirkonzahn PMMA Blocks
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95 Zirkonzahn PMMA Blocks comment
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    abidakausar: Hello Is the dental turbine unit in Stock? If I order one now how long will it take for it to reach an address in Brisbane QLD

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    sparkletoothgem: are your teeth whitening machines compliant with Australian laws

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    Anureetmehrok: Hi if i place order today can you do express delivery as i need the item urgent

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    dishagupta302: hi I made an order by mistake I would like to cancel it

  • Customer Service

    prettymia15121990: I want to enquire about the portable dental unit. I am located in Sydney, Australia and wonder if there is a local store or so. Can you please get back to me?I am interested and want to purchase but have a few questions with the compressor, suction and other things including handpieces, etc.