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Zirkonzahn System WAX Blocks
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    S3rin3: ******ATTENTION: URGENT******* I am needing to place an order URGENTLY for a dental simulation unit. I am interested in this one: Best BD402 Portable Dental Turbine Unit LY-L201 Handpiece Kit Dental Training Manikin Phantom Head Curing Light Link: Can you please answer these questions: 1.) I want to include a SLOW SPEED and HIGH SPEED handpiece with this machine. Please advise which ones from your website would be compatible with this machine. 2.) Can you confirm if those handpieces will also be compatible with the brand "OneDental" burs. For example: The handpieces MUST BE COMPATIBLE WITH ONEDENTAL BURS. 3.) Is the dental manikin head included with this sim unit? *****PLEASE ENSURE THE CORRECT EQUIPMENTS AND HANDPIECES CAN BE INCLUDED. I DO NOT WISH TO EXCHANGE OR RETURN EQUIPMENT DUE TO WRONG COMPATIBILITY. I DO NOT WISH TO INCUR ANY EXTRA COSTS DUE TO THE WRONG EQUIPMENT BEING SENT. CAN YOU PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK TO CONFIRM.********* **This is an urgent matter - can you please respond as soon as you see this email.** Thank you.

  • Three methods to get coupon code

    sandibowerman: Hi, what is the promo code for 1st time purchase please, I’m about to pay for my order?

  • Westcode 1:1 Contra Angle Handpiece With Fiber Optic Inner Water Spray

    Alberto: Very nice and easy to use dental handpiece, I'm very happy with the result. The order came in without a problem and all dental handpiece were in top shape conditions.

  • Refine® Swan Dental Broad Spectrum LED Curing Light (Light Cure Unit)

    Noor202: I ordered it for the first time and it is a good functional and good quality product.

  • LY LY-L201 Dental Turbine Handpiece + Low Speed Handepiece Kit

    ahsaneduardo: Works well with the portable dental unit I ordered.