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Safety Goggles comment
  • Shipping and Refund

    dishagupta302: hi I made an order by mistake I would like to cancel it

  • Customer Service

    prettymia15121990: I want to enquire about the portable dental unit. I am located in Sydney, Australia and wonder if there is a local store or so. Can you please get back to me?I am interested and want to purchase but have a few questions with the compressor, suction and other things including handpieces, etc.

  • Customer Service

    Anureetmehrok: I want to know about portable dental units, is there any warranty on the units. What is the main difference between small portable dental unit available on your store. Recommend me the best option for dental unit. What is the delivery time to Australia

  • Customer Service

    drdixon645: Hello, Do you have an operating manual for the greeloy 212 dental delivery system?

  • The Uses of Dental Handpieces

    outncn: What is the price for the Handpiece only for M4-170 ?