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Alan Dental Alan Dental For over 2 years, alandental has been a trusted dental suppler in providing dental equipment and dental instruments. We do this by providing customers great communications, clinical supplies, medical equipment and office essential equipment that help you manage costs, deliver excellent care and develop loyal patient relationships.
When you’re looking for dental equipment, come to alandental for all your dental health needs.
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  • Top Quality 300Pcs Intraoral DENTAL CAMERA Sleeve/Sheath/Cover

    Brummie: Great Camera barriers for the DY-50 camera. Far less than any dental supply company and fit the camera perfect. Images are not blurry or washed out due to the barriers like some other manufacturers.

  • 2018 version 1/4 SONY CCD 4 Mega Pixels Dental Intraoral Intra Oral Camera USB

    Brummie: As an equine vet I use this camera as a cheaper alternative to the very expensive equine oroscopes when examining horses teeth. The resolution of the ‘live feed’ is excellent. The resolution drops very slightly when images are captured but are almost always of diagnostic value. I had some initial trouble with the set up of the camera because my laptop doesn’t have a CD drive and I don’t use any imaging software, however the support team at alandental were fantastic and talked me through the process of installing it.