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Dental Lab Wet Model Trimmer Gypsum Abrasive Trimming Grinder Disc Wheel Arch
  • Dental Lab Wet Model Trimmer Gypsum Abrasive Trimming Grinder Disc Wheel Arch

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Dental Lab Wet Model Trimmer Gypsum Abrasive Trimming Grinder Disc Wheel Arch



1 .Work platform have three types for adjustable which used by platform adjustment screw.

2 .When you need change sand, should lossen the left side of back cover ,and use wrench gland shield machine, remove it for replacement . The back and bottom: Power socket on the right of motor cover,power switch on the right side of cover back. The water pipe interface on the back cover of Pipe interface. Sand diameter is 254m/m; Sand sheet aperture is 25.4m/m; Diamond and millstone both Ok.



1.When you open carton, please check machine and accessory all completely ,and ready instructions before use machine.

2.Firstly, put machine on the flat table.

3.Let one side of pipe connect to the faucet, turn on the water valve.

4.Let sewage drain pipe connect to the outlet pipe mouth which at the bottom of electric cover, just stretch expansion pipe.

5.Please insert the plug of power, and then press on the switch . this model trimmer machine adopt the no-load brake (quick stop sand idling ). When power is off , sand have a noise of “CHA” is normal before stop .

6.If you found some rotating ring or abnormal sound during use it. Please remove the sand sheet, use allen key into the middle of gap, tighten the screw, then continue to work, this point should be pay more attention to it during daily work time.

7.After change new sand. Look for a hard flat bar in platform plane. ( let sand as close as possible of plane. At this time ,turn the sand by hand and visual ,if the plane greater than 2m/m, it is prohibited to use . replacing the beat plane less than 2m/m .


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