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LuckBird comment
  • COXO Dental Endodontic Treatment Endo Motor Apex Locator C Smart I Pro

    Joaoosta: The item had only a few reviews and I wasn't sure if it was legit. Anyways I bought it and I am very satisfied. Comes as advertised in the photos with all the pieces and cables.

  • Jintai JT-18 Dental Vacuum Forming & Molding Machine

    Haznor: Works better than expected for the price. The suction is really strong and it pics up detail very well. It heats up quickly but the temperature is hard to control so you really have to watch to not over heat the plastic. I recommend getting eye level with the center of thr machine so you can watch the behavior of the plastic during heating. This does not come with instructions but it is pretty straight forward. { Load plastic in frame, lock in place, raise frame with handle, place model on vented vacuform bed (with or without the steel beads if needed, I find them kind of annoying to use), turn the heating element on, wait 30-60 seconds or so until you see the plastic begin to ripple a bit and then sag slighty, turn heat off, use handle to drop frame with malleable plastic onto top of form and simultaneously flip the suction toggle on at the same time for half - one second so that it pulls tightly against the form. There are a couple of good YouTube intros out there for this exact machine. I plan to use this for model making and it has been really fun so far.

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    gerrard.mcguinness: are your prices in Australian dollars? Gerrard

  • Customer Service

    Jamshid.azra: Hi I was after a few things like Autoclave, X-ray sensors, X-ray machine and ultrasonic cleaner. I was wondering if these items are FDA approved from you? Thank you

  • Pediatric Dental Unit Chair Lovely Dinosaur Chair for Children with 2 Dentist Stools A8000-IIA

    SilversX: Just what I needed For my dental chair! Works great!