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Tosi Tosi TOSI FOSHAN MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. is a professional production of high-tech enterprises of precision dental equipment.
We have a group of experienced, first-class technology professionals and improve the quality management system, with superb technology, advanced equipment and the strength of the leading development and production of a high standard of dental high-speed turbine and low-speed mobile phone for our customers to provide technical support and excellent after-sales service.
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Tosi comment
  • Customer Service

    fbukai: Place on order on the 7th Order 2019080649946801 still status paid not shipped When will it be shipped

  • Customer Service

    wilpe772: I purchased a ulltrasonic scaler, its going up to 3 weeks , i never hear from you. What is going on please

  • Customer Service

    gzehtab: Hello Alandental We purchased a compressor GA-62Y in 2018 and it started to have noise coming from valves, do you have repair parts for this model if we can order those ? then I would buy another unit as standby to allow work to continue while first one is being serviced and parts replaced.

  • 6L Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner Cleaning Machine JPS-30A 110V/220V

    Philippe: Professionally constructed with detachable cord, ON-OFF switch with spare fuse, basket, cover, enough power for the size. Easy recessed handles to lift and move. Digital controls. Only be a bit careful with sharp edges on cover.

  • Denjoy MINI Wireless LED Curing Light 1000mw Cordless LED Curing Lamp 5W

    VladimirColina: Needed the light to cure a patch for the tub. Worked really well - impressed