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LY LY Liangya Dental Equipment Co.,Ltd. engages in manufacturing dental equipment, including LED curing lights, dental handpieces and dental accessories. We can supply in wholesaling and retailing. We adhere to winning customers with the excellent quality, reasonable price, high efficiency of delivery, and sincere service. Our products approved reliable and prices are competitive in the line. You are warmly welcome to cooperate with us to create a prosperous future!
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LY comment
  • LY® Dental Portable Turbine Unit Work with Air Compressor

    Anyones: The title is VERY misleading, as the 'with air compressor' implies that a compressor is included. This is NOT the case.
    I have request that the with air compressor' be replaced with "Needs Air Compressor to Run, but was told that this was not possible with eBay.

    Let the buyer beware! The compressor was going to be a few hundred dollars extra.