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Alan Dental Alan Dental For over 2 years, alandental has been a trusted dental suppler in providing dental equipment and dental instruments. We do this by providing customers great communications, clinical supplies, medical equipment and office essential equipment that help you manage costs, deliver excellent care and develop loyal patient relationships.
When you’re looking for dental equipment, come to alandental for all your dental health needs.
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  • Wall-Mount Dental Unit with 3-way Syringe+ 2 Handpiece Tubes

    mosianafifi: Does it includes the tubing that connect to the air compressor?

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    sulley_n_boo: Hi there, which one is the lightest 35K rpm micro motor handpiece do you have in stock? Do you have micro motor that can be operated with/without food pedal? Lastly, are these pricing in USD or AUD? Thanks in advance

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    karawan.dagher: Hi, I am looking for micromotor handpiece only for jewellery making, I found one in your website which is ( Marathon SH37LN handpiece 45,000rpm). But I need it with 1/8" bur size and 50,000rpm. is it available?

  • Dental Medical 5W LED Head Light with Filter Clip-on Type for Loupes Glasses Red

    Freese: Needed this for my magnification loupes while waiting on new battery. While I don't love the clip on attachment the light holds a 8 hour use charge--is bright enough with an overhead lighting source and is a life saver for interim use. Recommend for anyone needing a back-up or that has not added light to loupes due to cost. Would love to see them change to an attached option instead of just clip on.

  • Dental Medical 5W LED Head Light + Filter & Belt Clip for Binocular Loupes Black

    Bonnet: I am a dental hygienist. I had a light from another company I spent hundreds of dollars on, had to pay to get repaired and it finally quit on me. This light is comparable if not brighter. I charge the battery during my lunch break to ensure it lasts the full day. It clips onto my loupes easily. I would definitely recommend.