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  • KWS KD-2012D-3C 36W LED Dental Surgical Lighting Shadowless Lamp CE Ceiling Mounted

    ToddFazio: Five Stars Very cool. It does the job ment for. Bright light and it can be dimmed.

  • Dental 3.5X Binocular Loupes + 5W LED Head Light w/ Filter + Aluminum Box Black

    WEBMASTER: They work! I like the adjustable bright light. I don't like the sides of the glasses that offer less protection against splash or debris than my reading glasses. They work! So I am happy to have saved $$!

  • COXO Dental Endodontic Treatment Endo Motor Apex Locator C Smart I Pro

    Binkle: How long Warranty you offer ?

  • JeKen® CD-4820 Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner with Timer And Heater 2.5L

    MariaSmith: This cleaner is great. I use this mainly for cleaning fired brass for reloading. After running brass through this along with a brass cleaner (Hornady One Shot), brass comes out looking factory new. That being said, for others I do still first run walnut media for an hour or two, remove the primer, then run the brass through this. I can fit several hundred cases in this and it is very large (2.5 liters). The heater doesn't bring the water temp up much, bath water warm maybe. Directions said a certain amount but you could easily add hot water yourself. The cleaner I bought my wife a few years ago was the same price, .8 liters, and didn't have the included heater. The basket inside is mostly flat and the side/ends do not wrap up. In my situation, the cases fall off, so I scoop them out and forego the plastic basket. If you had less water and smaller items, the basket would help retrieve your items. Otherwise you'll likely end up sticking your hand in to grab your item. Mainly it will only be useful for smaller items laying flat and not piled in.

  • COXO Dental Endodontic Treatment Endo Motor Apex Locator C Smart I Pro

    Binkle: You answered this but just to make sure. i am ordering this inside the u.s. but i want a model that works with 220v. is this a dual-voltage device?