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WEGO MSL.N Vertical Lab Pressure Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Class N
  • WEGO MSL.N Vertical Lab Pressure Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Class N

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Wego MSL.N Vertical Lab Pressure Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Class N


Product Application

MSL.N fully automatic vertical autoclave (LCD display) is suitable for sterilizing surgical instruments, glassware, medium, wastes, dressing which can withstand high temperature and pressure in the places including medical health center (such as laboratory, operation room, supply room) and biomedical research institution.


Program Sterilization Temperature Sterilization Time Drying Time
Unwrapped instruments 134℃ 5 mins 5 mins
Wrapped instruments 134℃ 12 mins 15 mins
Fabric/Dressing 134℃ 20 mins 10 mins
Rubber 121℃ 20 mins 10 mins
Liquid 121℃ 20 mins No


Main Features

◇ Microcomputer control system adopted is powerful and high reliable.

◇ Built-in water tank, water filling, heating up, sterilizing, drying are automatic without artificial regulation.

◇ Touch screen button, messages are shown on touch screen display, simple to operate.

◇ Unwrapped, wrapped, dressings, rubber, user-defined, medium, melt & holding, sterilization & holding procedure are offered to user to select. The parameters of user-defined, medium, melt & holding, sterilization & holding can be regulated according to requirement.

◇ Melt & holding function.

◇ Sterilization & holding function.

◇ Various fault alarm system are designed to display fault messages.

◇ The beep will sound once the sterilization cycle completes.



◇ Anti-dry heating alarm

◇ Safety interlock door

◇ Over-temperature protection

◇ Over-pressure automatic release safety valve

◇ Electric safety protective measure



Model Number:MSL.N

Type:Pressure Steam Sterilization Equipments

Instrument classification:Class II

Capacity:50L, 80L,100L

Class:Class N, withou vacuum pump

Application:Lab, clinic, hospital

Sterilization item:Surgical instruments/glassware/medium/wastes/dressing

Sterilization temperature:105℃~138℃

Design pressure:0.26MPa

Display:Touch screen display

Water required:Soft water


Packing & Delivery

Model Chamber size (ø×L) Outer size Packing size Gross weight
MSL.N(50L) 316×638 mm 680×508×910 mm 850×680×1280 mm 105 kg
MSL.N(80L) 375×745 mm 755×528×1040 mm 920×700×1300 mm 135kg
MSL.N(100L) 370×931 mm 755×528×1200 mm 920×700×1500 mm 160kg


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