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WEGO MSG.B Horizontal Medical Pressure Steam Autoclave Sterilizer
  • WEGO MSG.B Horizontal Medical Pressure Steam Autoclave Sterilizer

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WEGO MSG.B Horizontal Medical Pressure Steam Autoclave Sterilizer


Product Application

Horizontal Medical pressure steam autoclave sterilizer is suitable for sterilizing unwrapped, wrapped, solid, hollow A, hollow B, instrument with built-in pipe and implanted instrument which can withstand high temperature and pressure in the places including oral department, ophthalmology, operation room and lab.


Program Sterilization Temperature Sterilization Time Drying Time
Unwrapped instruments 134℃ 6 mins 5 mins
Wrapped instruments 134℃ 10 mins 10 mins
Fabric/Dressing 134℃ 10 mins 15 mins
Rubber 121℃ 20 mins 15 mins
Liquid 121℃ 20 mins No
B&D test
Vacuum test


Main Features

PLC control, touch screen display

Water injection, Pulsing , heating up, sterilizing, drying process fully automatic.

Status, temperature, pressure, time and fault message are shown on touch screen display.

Built-in micro-printer, record the whole sterilization information.

Cycle count function.

The beep will sound once the sterilization cycle completes and messages shown on screen touch display .

Built-in high quality vacuum pulse , vacuum pulse 1~6 times can reach -0.09 Mpa(-0.9Bar), to ensure effective removal of the air so as to get the optimum saturate steam.

Inner circulation, water ring pump without external pipeline

Unique pulse vacuum drying procedure is designed.



Heater protection:he system will cut off its power supply once the temperature exceeds the desired value and show the alarm information.

Anti-dry heating:anti-dry heating device will automatically cut off its power supply and show the alarm information once the water level is lower than the heating pipe.

Mechanical pressure interlock door: the mechanical door device is locked tightly and can’t be opened once pressure is in chamber.

Over-temperature and over-pressure protection: the system will start up procedures to lower temperature and release pressure to protect items from being damaged when the temperature and pressure in chamber exceed the safe limit.

Automatic release safety valve: the safety valve will begin to release pressure automatically when the pressure in chamber exceeds the desired value.

Electric safety protective measure: short circuit and leakage current are designed to protect equipment and personal safety.



Model Number:MSG.B

Type:Pressure Steam Sterilization Equipments

Instrument classification:Class II

Class:Class B

Vacuum pump:Built-in vacuum pump

Application:hospital, clinic, oral, cosmetic surgery, lab

Sterilization item:Unwarpped or Wrapped instruments/Fabric/Dressing/Rubber/Liquid

Sterilization temperature:105℃~138℃

Design pressure:0.26MPa

Display:Touch screen display

Water required:Soft water


Model Chamber size (ø×L) Outer size Packing size Gross weight
MSG.B(120L) 500×665 mm 780×650×1550 mm 1050×830×1750mm 320kg
MSG.B(140L) 500×765mm 880×650×1550 mm 1160×840×1780mm 330kg
MSG.B(180L) 500×965mm 1080×650×1550 mm 1360×840×1780mm 360kg


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