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New JSDA® Portable Micro Motor JD101-H
  • New JSDA® Portable Micro Motor JD101-H

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New JSDA® Portable Micro Motor JD101-H


For this motor come with a carry case for motor and handpiece, so you can attach to your belt or strap around your waist. It's more convenient to operate!


New JSDA® Portable Micro Motor 2,5000rpm JD101-H 20W FEATURES:

1. Compact and light weight, convenient to carry.
2. Cordless charging structure without power line resctrictions, easy to move.
3. Rotation in the forward and reverse direction.
4. Protection system of charging and discharging.
5. Handpiece speed 0-25 000 rev / min, with low noise, low temperature rise and low vibration.
6. Easy change strawberries.
7. 1200 mAh capacity battery allows a long period of operation.
8. Belt buckle comes ensures more convenient operation.

New JSDA® Portable Micro Motor 2,5000rpm JD101-H 20W SPECIFICATIONS:
Control box
Voltage: 110V/220V-240V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Power: 20W
Weight: 307g
Dimensions: 154 * 76 * 36 (mm)

New JSDA® Portable Micro Motor 2,5000rpm JD101-H 20W Handpiece
Speed: 0 to 25 000 revolutions / min  
Weight: 160 g
Maximum Torque: 2.2  
Dimensions: Φ12, 7 * 137 (mm)

New JSDA® Portable Micro Motor 2,5000rpm JD101-H 20W PACKING LIST:
Control box x 1
Handpiece x 1
Belt Buckle x 1
Adapter x 1
User manual x 1


New JSDA® Portable Micro Motor JD101-H

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