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JD4G 30000RPM High Precision Brushless Micro Water Jet Grinding Machine
  • JD4G 30000RPM High Precision Brushless Micro Water Jet Grinding Machine

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JD4G 30000RPM High Precision Brushless Micro Water Jet Grinding Machine


Packing List:

* Control box

* S66W Handle

* Foot switch

* Water bottle


Main Application:

Our produt can be used for nail, wood engraving, craft carving, denture/artificial limb polishing, mould polishing, precision parts carving and circuit board drilling.



* The handpiece built-in water and gas pipelines sprays water during the grinding, to protect the health of the operators and reduce the temperature of the workpiece surface.

* The magnetic brushless motor is used as the driving source with direct current and three phrase, high -power and energy-saving, and can be used for more than 10000 hours, which is 5times than normal brush motor's and the noise is 1/5 of brush motor's. 

* A labyrinth of payeny dust-proof structure of the handpiece's head can extend the bearing's service time.

* The head of the built-in LED light (There are several models tobe chosen), is convenient to operate.

* Replace grinding head without other tool

* The clamping head can use the same structure as three balve spring and NC lathe. Its stiffness and service time can be trusted.

* Built-in bearings are from Japanese brand NSK or NMB. Its qurity and service time can be assured.

* The chip has overload and over current prottection to guarantee saftey.

* The breakdown self-test reminder in the chip can make sure of the protection

* Touch sealing-switch can protect from the dust and water spary

* The speed knob uses the encoder to change speed, which is also used in MVPs tocontrol the volume with 360 degree rotation

* Self-stuck installation design is fast and convenient to operate




Model: JD4G

Voltage: 100V-120V/220V-240V

Cycle: 50-60 HZ

Electric power: 85W/24W(Spary)

Weight: 3400 g

Dimension: 370*118*220mm

Color: Grey

Hand model: JDS66W

Speed: 0-30000 RPM.MAX

MAX. Torque: 5.5 N cm

Weight: 205 g





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