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BYOND BY-Dreamy-C02 CPAP Ventilator/Breathing Machine and Sleep Therapy
  • BYOND BY-Dreamy-C02 CPAP Ventilator/Breathing Machine and Sleep Therapy

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BYOND BY-Dreamy-C02 CPAP Ventilator and Sleep Therapy

CPAP machines adopts continuous positive airway pressure therapy to treat or alleviate related respiratory diseases.
It is suitable for clinical treatment of sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS).
Features of CPAP Machine
1. 128×64 LCD display with easy operation.
2. Interactive operation interface is available. Back-lighting function allow night operation.
3. Continuous positive airway pressure machine is working to achieve human-computer synchronization.
4. Ultra silent design & Delay time step up design.
5. USB port for download the data
6. The portable machine adopts imported movement technology, capable of constant heating.
7. Fashionable design
8. CPAP machine consists of the host, the breathing tube, filter sponge, power cable, power adapter.
Notes of CPAP Machine
1. Not available in bullous lung disease, pneumothorax, severe lack of effective circulating blood volume with shock, coma or with disturbance of consciousness, or don’t cooperate or accept the mask treatment.
2. Not apply to children, or physical, sensory, intellectual can not be used safely and without the aid or user under guardianship.
Functions and features
Belex (1-3 level):2-4cmH2O
Automatic Leakage Compensation:Yes
Automatic Altitude Adjustable:Yes
Automatic ON/OFF:Yes
Adjustable Constant Temperature Humidification System:Yes
Replaceable Water Chamber:Yes
USB Download to PC:Yes
Sound Pressure Level(10cmH2O):<30dBA
Input Volt.&Freq.:110-240Vac,50/60Hz
Net Weight & Size:1.8kg, 255×170×112mm(Host+Humidifier)
Apply Crowd:
1. AHI ≥ 15 times / hour of the patients.
2. AHI <15 times / hour, but daytime sleepiness and other symptoms were obvious
1. Repeated epistaxis
2. Coma
3. Hemodynamic instability
4. Pneumothorax
5. Pulmonary bulla
6. Cerebrospinal rhinorrhea
Product Accessories
Nasal Mask, Headgear,Tube, Filter, Power Adapter, User Manual & Travelling Bag
BYOND BY-Dreamy-C02 CPAP Ventilator and Sleep Therapy
BYOND BY-Dreamy-C02 CPAP Ventilator and Sleep Therapy
BYOND BY-Dreamy-C02 CPAP Ventilator and Sleep Therapy

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