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1100W Mobile Fume Extractor System Industrial & Commercial Dust Extraction Unit Machine Ruiwan RD8500
  • 1100W Mobile Fume Extractor System Industrial & Commercial Dust Extraction Unit Machine Ruiwan RD8500

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Ruiwan RD8500 1100W Mobile Fume Extractor System Industrial & Commercial Dust Extraction Unit Machine


Fume extractor is a movebale fume extraction system machine.Usually, the self-supporting arm is arranged at the place where the smoke and dust is generated, and the fume and harmful smoke can be effectively absorbed and purified. Through different filters, odor and harmful particles are adsorbed and blocked. So that the odor of the exhaust gas is greatly reduced or even disappeared.

RD8500 is mainly used to handle strong smell and smoke from some strong fume work equipment such as acrylic laser cutting,laser engraving and re-flow soldering machine. After the external cyclone is linked, it can handle sticky dust such as rubber, acrylic, paint .Absorb dust particles of 0.5μm or more,and according to the actual working scene,the filtering effect can reach up to 99.7%



Noise:< 65 db

Voltage:AC110V / 220V

Filtration Effect:0.3 μm 99%


Size:545*580*1010 mm

Air Flow Rate:1600 m3 / h

Diameter of Flange:110 mm

N.W:105 kg

Filter Elements:8 layers


Self-supporting Arm:Stays put exactly where you position it

Hose:Convenient connection; not only durable and strong hardness but also resistant to 130℃ high temperature

Compressed Pipe:Available from 2m to 4m length, easy, freely to strech out and draw back


About filter

RUIWAN fume extractors offer the utmost in user-friendly design and multi-stage filtration in a compact and portable fume extractor design. All of our Mobile Fume extractors can accommodate a variety of filter media including, HEPA, ULPA, Medical Grade Filter Media, and a variety of adsorbent Chemical filter media such as Activated Carbon.


Filters Function Material
Flame Screen Function:Block fire Metal
Primary Effect Filter Block > 3 μm particulates Synthetic fiber with gardual density
Medium Effect Filter Block > 0.3 μm particulates PP / Glass fiber / Water wash PET
High Effective Filter Remove all smell and Odor Custom made activated carbon


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