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how to make your child care about the teeth
A Gallup survey recently revealed that only 64 percent of youngsters age 12 to 17 brush the recommended two times a day. 2%, the poll found, don't brush by any means.
It can be, perhaps, not much of a huge surprise that some teens aren't big brushers. Adolescence isn't about taking long view, plus some teens simply usually do what their parents say, no matter if what their parents have to say is as obviously wise as "Brush your teeth." Pop-star Kasha’s revelation that she brushes her teeth with Jack Daniels probably does not help, either. Yikes.
Parents tend to be urged to settle on their battles through these years, even though that's  helpful advice, dental hygiene is usually a battle to worth fighting. Poor brushing habits can lead to cavities, yellowing, gingivitis and, way down the line, lack of precious teeth.
Battling a youngster, however, takes some finesse. Here, some good ways to get kids to brush -- and a few other approaches which might be very likely to be counterproductive.
 First, resist the need to nag, and never invade your teen's space. Insisting on standing in the toilet while she or he gets ready for school might be intending to make your kid rebel and brush even less. Naturally, describe the long-term consequences which could occur using a failure to brush, including plaque buildup, tooth decay, gum surgery, root canal, loss of tooth, and also heart problems within the most extreme cases. But here's the secret to success: Discuss the more superficial portions of poor oral care, like stained, ugly teeth and terrible breath. Which could get their attention.
For teens of all ages, rewards might help (at least until they realize brushing is its reward). Maybe if Jimmy brushes 2 times a day, everyday, for a week, they can go ahead and take car on Saturday night. While the same for an additional week, and subsequently.
This may also mean a particular request pictures kid's next dental cleaning, which will be happening not less than every six months and it is even more important when your teen isn't brushing enough. For those who explain the situation on your family dentist, the individual will no doubt be more than very happy to offer some definitive, non-annoying guidance on the subject that a teen might just take note of. Particularly if there are actually pictures.

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