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The Advantage of Dental Intraoral Cameras for Patients

The dental industry is constantly searching for ways to improve how we can diagnose and treat conditions in the oral environment. Dental intraoral camera is a camera which is designed to be used in the mouth for the purpose of taking video or still photography. These cameras are most commonly used in dental offices, although patients can also use them at home to monitor dental health or to satisfy curiosity about what the inside of the mouth looks like.

The intraoral camera is not just a diagnostic tool, but it also serves as an educational one too. One of the primary uses for an intraoral camera is in patient education. In the past, dentists have struggled to explain dental decay and other health problems to patients. Most people cannot see well into their own mouths, which leaves dentists to drawing diagrams or using props to attempt to explain what is going on in the mouth of their patients.

Dentists often find it helpful to be able to show patients exactly what is going on inside their mouths, and to highlight areas where medical attention may be needed. Patients are also less likely to defer or refuse procedures when they can clearly see the area at issue, as some people are suspicious of recommendations for dental procedures, due to concerns about cost, potential pain, or the fears about members of the dental profession.

Our patients are accustomed to looking at a TV monitor; therefore, they are comfortable, receptive, and relaxed when looking at their photos on a monitor. They are very appreciative of a technology that helps them understand problems they have, and they are very grateful when—at the end of an appointment—they can sit up, view where their treatment started and see the stages that were required to reach an end result that is comfortable and a very close resemblance to nature.

Early diagnosis allows for earlier and less invasive interventions such as remineralization therapy or a preventive resin restoration. Pairing advanced diagnostics with the ability for patients to visualize their oral health conditions creates an urgency for patients to move forward with these minimally invasive treatments. Early detection creates a powerful call to action for both the dentist and patient alike.

The intraoral cameras designed for use in dental facilities come with disposable probes or probe covers to ensure that germs are not passed between patients, and they may come with a variety of options which enhance the functionality of the camera. Versions designed for home use are usually much more basic, but they can still be useful for people who want to see the inside of the mouth. Using a camera at home, someone can identify an issue which requires a dentist's attention, keep an eye on a recovering surgical site, or teach children about the importance of oral hygiene.

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