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Good Dental Camera

I tell you whatever use and just what you would possibly consider. I bought a Nikon D70s for personal use, while using believed I possibly could will also get a macro lens and then use it at the office. I got myself a new camera for personal use, after I found I need to go away this setup at work all the time. I would say that a Nikon D50 will be perfectly adequate for intraoral use, however friend will discover value for money over a D70s, as is also being closed out currently. 6 MP is sufficient for intraoral use. You would not require a huge memory for limited use, even so still suggest a 1 GB card with accelerated write speed, like a Sandisk Ultra or Extreme or even a Lexar 80x card.

My business is using a Nikon 60 mm Macro lens, which results in about 90 mm in "35 mm equivalent." This provides a lot of working distance. Nikon also has a 105 Macro and also the completely new 105 VR Macro, however, you said, "simple and efficient."

Set the camera in Aperture priority and select f:11, f:16 or so, based upon personal preference. Set the EV at -0.7 stops. Perhaps however as being a different EV setting, nevertheless is what is employed by me. Following that, in autofocus, certain and shoot with wonderful results.

SO - pick your price
in order to find a match. When you can look for a D50 and 60mm Macro lens, your friend might have a fantastic intraoral camera intended for $1,000. I've seen kits to modify point and shoots that be more pricey than that.

a sample shot from my D70s while using 60mm lens. The truth is that that it is not "presentation quality" because of the saliva bubbles and all of, but it surely was only a quick shot to communicate with the lab.

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