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The Use of Premium Efficiency Motor in Dental Compressor

Generally, an dental air compressor will not last as long as an oil-lubricated model, because their pre-lubrication will gradually wear away and degrade over time. Oil-free compressors also tend to use a universal motor, which won’t last as long as an induction motor. What do you value in a machine when you’re looking to procure air compressor equipment for your organization?

The gearbox of your air compressor is used to drive the two compressor elements via the electromotor. Gearboxes need lubrication to operate properly, and can be costly to replace, so maintenance checks should review them on a regular basis. The oil in your gearbox will lubricate the internal gears and bearings, as well as the bearing and timing gear located inside of each compressor element.

Premium efficiency motors are an emerging trend in equipment engineering. They offer a wide range of benefits worth your consideration, especially in the realm of cost savings. Let’s take a look at premium efficiency micro motors to learn how they can help your organization with its air compressor needs.

NEMA projected that its premium motor standards would save 5,800 gigawatts of electric power over a ten-year period in addition to numerous environmental benefits. The organization offers membership for manufacturers seeking to upgrade the efficiency qualities of their products. In the European Union, four classes of energy efficiency are used to distinguish between different motors, ranging from IE1, standard efficient, to IE4, above premium. IE3 is considered to be the class of premium efficiency.

Premium efficiency standards help motors generate energy in a cleaner, less wasteful manner. As they are built to attain a higher level of manufacturing excellence, they are likely to require less maintenance and repair during their life spans. Note that energy costs are an important variable that can help offset expenses in other areas. A unit with a higher purchase price may offer savings in the way of efficient energy usage.

The initial air compressor normally uses an oil lubricated motor to draw outside air into the machine for compression. Tiny oil droplets can seep into the compressed air from the motor, which adds another contaminant into the air supply. The compressor air dryer allows the water vapor to be pulled from the gas molecules, effectively drawing the oil droplets out as well.


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