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The Information about Recent Dental Curing Light

Recently, a new concept to dentistry, the LED, has entered the market. There have been significant sales promotions from the several companies selling LED lights. As a result of the promotions, dentists appear to be more confused than before.


picture1Why would a dentist want an LED dental curing light? They have some apparent advantages:

    LED lights are cordless, small and lightweight.
    Diodes are long-lasting without the need for frequent replacement.
    They generate no heat during curing.
    They offer a moderate curing time of about 10 to 20 seconds.
    They are quiet in operation.

LY® Dental Curing Light Wireless LED 1500mw Lamp Features:

1. Streamline Design for Dental Curing Light 1500mw X1
2. Detachable handle with 2200mAh battery
3. Light unit easy to operate
4. Three modes control with LCD display
5. Better charging with Human design To avoid the unintended Break
6. Sound Alert Feature


Some practitioners have reported that the rapid cure afforded by PAC lights causes damage to both resin-based composite restorations and the tooth preparations. Although this subject has been debated for several years, current clinical usage, as well as research, have disproved the allegations of damage caused by the faster lights.


It seems logical that the light-curing concept would have matured during that time, but it has not. Without question, light-curing is desirable, but practitioners are confused about the most appropriate light-curing concept to use in their practices.


The light-emitting diode, or LED, concept is challenging more established modes of curing, and some dentists are buying LED lights. And many practitioners who have purchased the even faster plasma arc curing, or PAC, lights are not willing to go back to the slower LED light-curing method.


Although there is continuing confusion on the subject among practitioners, a rational conclusion is that any of the current concepts available today will work adequately. The choice about which type of curing light to buy should be based on which of the various lights’ features suit the specific practitioner best.


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