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Most Popular of the dental equipment

1. 24L Table Top Pressure Steam Sterilizer Dental Autoclave

1. Sterilization course: Automatic sterilization controlled by computer, easy to operate.
2.Maximum temperature: up to 134 ℃, suit for 4-6 minutes rapidly sterilizing.
3.Safe protection of water lacking.
4. With over-temperature, over-pressure auto-protect device:
5.After sterilization it will automatically cut the power and then alarm.
6. Fully stainless steel structure.

2Dental Portable Unit GU-P206 + 360° Dental Chair GU-109 (A)

Portable Dental Unit GU-P206: Built-in scaler handpiece and curing light
1. Suitcase transported easily with retractable handle and wheels, the dentist can move more freely unit. 
2. Structure Compact autonomous bag for storage to save your space. 
3. Compound of operating system related to the interior of the dental treatment unit, such that the air supply system, the water supply, and suction drainage system. 
4. Easy to install and use. Install the pieces correctly and with proper diet, control the camera with the foot switch. 
5 Engine high quality with consistent performance solid box for anti-fall time of service., Is more than 20,000 hours. 
6. Oil free engine without oil lubricated, drain bottle is easy to remove and disinfect. 

Voltage 110V / 240V, 50 / 60Hz; Power of 600W; Pressure: 0-5 bar; Noise: 48dB; Dimensions: 430 * 320 * 630mm; Weight: 24kg


3. Woodpecker® DTE D5 Fiber Optic Ultrasonic Scaler with LED



1. Multi-function: Scaling, perio and endo.
2. Optical handpiece, more convenient for clinical operation.
3. The handpiece is detachable and can be autoclaved to 135℃ and 0.22MPa.
4. The handpiece is cast from Titanium alloy to ensure sound mechanic function and durability.
5. Assembled with excellent piezo-ceramic, the handpiece has high and lasting power and generates little heat.
6. The scaling tip is made of special material. The cavitation produced from the end of scaling tip makes the cleaning of teeth and the killing of germ easily.
7. Eliminating dental calculus and treating root canal disease.
8. Automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency and performs more steadily.
9. Digitally controlled, easy operation and more efficient for scaling.
10. Compatible with Satelec, you could connect your Satelec handpiece with this control box, and you could also connect this Woodpecker DTE handpiece with Satelec control box.
11. CE and FDA certificated.

 4. NSK PANA MAX Stand Head 45 Degree Push Button Handpiece with Coupling

NSK PANA MAX Stand Head 45 Degree Push Button Handpiece with Coupling Features:

1. 45 degree surgical handpiece, standard head, B2 / M4 Hole

2. Allows maximum visibility and access, especially when treating impacted third molars. 

3. The special design delivers a water or saline stream, not mist, directly to the tip of the bur.

The design also prevents air flow into the work site:

All air is exhausted through the rear of the handpiece.

4. Comfortable to handle it.

PANA-MAX is the latest of NSK's popular PANA series.

Every feature is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance vs. Cost ratio, thus helping you work more efficiently and comfortably.


5. Denjoy® Dental Curing Light Wireless DY400-4 5W LED Lamp


1. Light intensity: 1100mW/cm, 5 watt LED
2. Beep at each 5-seconds  to indicate remaining curing time
3. Various Curing Time: seven preset curing time 5/10/15/20/25/30/40 seconds.
4. Three Preset Programs
        a. Fast mode: Full power all the time
        b. Soft 1 mode: Generally increasing power in first 5 seconds, then full power till the end.
        c. Soft 2 mode: Generally increasing power in first 5 seconds, then half power till the end.
5. Equipped with radiating fan to enure the durable performance
6. Inner Build-in light meter within the base  
7. Cord/cordless inchargeable. When running out of the battery, the unit can be operated directly within the switching power adapter.
8. High Output:: Full supply of power can satisfy 10-second curing time for 200 times


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