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Working Theory of Dental Scaler

Dental scaling is a valuable part of dental healthcare and it involves accomplishing conventional periodontal therapy, non-surgical periodontal therapy or deep cleaning to get rid of the etiological elements that induce inflammation and dental plaque.

There are actually piezo ultrasonic units, magnetostrictive, and also sonic scalers that connect with your unit just like a standard handpiece. These units use mechanical means to create vibrations but they all undertake it differently. Objective to check out the impact of the scraping frequency with ultrasonic scaler and also the polishing time with rubber at first glance roughness of teeth in vitro.

Magnetostrictive ultrasonic scalers operate between 18000 and 45000 cycles per second. The movement is generated by passing a current spanning a stack of metal strips or perhaps a metal rod which happens to be attached to the scaler's tip. The end movement could be linear or elliptical and all of surfaces are active when in use. These scalers are generally considered much easier to use (less technique sensitive) however are sometimes thought of as less gentle.

Piezoelectric units operate between 25000 to 50000 cycles per second. Movement is generated by electricity passing over crystals housed within the handpiece. The tip movement is normally linear and allows two sides in the tip to generally be active. Piezo's tend to be more technique sensitive considering the linear motion in the tips. One must utilize the scaler parallel for the tooth surface in order to avoid "hammering" together with the piezo tip.

Both technologies are regarded as being very sound, providing consistent operation over the long period of time. Repairs are normally minor, generally amongst the handpiece or tips, which have been easily replaceable. One additional consideration is that their most magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler tips are interchangeable, while piezo ultrasonic scaler tips are normally specific for the manufacturer.

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