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Why Should You Choose UV Curing

UV Curing is ‘a speed curing process in which high intensity ultraviolet light is used to create a photochemical reaction that instantly cures inks, adhesives, coatings and other materials’. This technology has gained momentum in the manufacturing sector in recent years.

One of the greatest draws of UV Curing technology is its rapid cure speed. This benefit is particularly important because of the positive ripple effect it has on production. Manufacturers will see a reduction in labour costs meaning less assembly stations are required. Furthermore, shorter cycle times and reduced work in progress will result in improved lead times for customers.

Another significant perk of UV curing technology is its simplicity. No racking or ovens are required and UV curing dispensing equipment tends to be less expensive than required for the heat curing process. In addition, since UV curing materials are single component, there is no need for mixing and issues with pot life are avoided, leading to less waste.

A final benefit of UV dental curing light technology is that it is environmentally friendly since it provides a safe alternative to the use of harmful chemicals. Curing light is used for the polymerization of light-cured resin-based materials. In the contemporary world of dentistry, curing lights have become an integral part of all specialties and dental practices.


The use of a Liquid light guide is the most economical way of delivering high intensity UV light to materials. Light guides come in two, three or four pole configuration and filter mount assemblies are available to prolong their shelf life. Shields and stands offer protection from UV and visible light, whilst providing the user with clear visibility of the curing parts. Protective eye goggles are also recommended to provide additional protection from UV light exposure.

The incorporation of UV curing technology into a manufacturer’s production process can have enormous advantages including cost efficiency, enhanced quality, increased safety and boosted production.

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