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What Should You Know about Dental Compressor

A dental air compressor pressurizes atmospheric air for use in procedures. Standard compressors are not suitable for this purpose because they may not meet health and safety standards.

Dental air compressors have a mounted dryer to remove as much water as possible and deliver dry air to patients. This pairs with a filter to clean the air, trapping any microorganisms present so they aren’t transferred into the patient’s mouth. Health and safety codes may require a dryer and filter to protect patients, along with regular cleaning to keep them clean and orderly.

In the rooms where compressed air systems are operated, insulation must be maintained during the humid summer months, as well as through the cold of winter. If temperatures that are either too hot or too cold for ideal operations leak into the facility from the outside, the affects could compromise the performance of an air compressor and lower the quality of productions.

Air leaks are the ultimate enemy of a compressed air system. An air compressor could have perfectly functioning filtration and be free of condensate or traveling oil, yet still lag in its performance if air leaks are present at any point between the machine itself and the tools at the end of the pipes.

When air leaks form along a compressed air system, tool performance weakens and operations become less efficient. If an operator is unaware of the problem source, the first solution that often comes to mind is to simply crank up the pressure on the system in order to compensate for the lagging power. This, in turn, leads to increased wear and tear on the internal mechanisms of an air compressor.

Simply put, there’s nothing to be gained from leaks in a compressed air system. The problems associated with leaks are easier to spot and remedy, or prevent altogether, with routine inspections along all the parts that transport air from the compressor to the end tools.

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