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Characters of Air-driven and Electrical Dental Handpieces

Dental handpiece is one of the most fundamental devices used in dentistry, it can enhance the efficiency of dental tasks. Handpieces have gradually been redesigned and upgraded to become the highly accurate through the years. Technological advances continue to improve these indispensable dental equipment.

The use of air-driven “high-speed” handpieces enabled clinicians to work more expeditiously with reduced trauma to the tooth and the patient. This development presented a major improvement from the “belt-driven” handpieces that preceded them and represents one of the most significant leaps forward in the era of modern dentistry.

According to the manufacturer, some of the benefits of these technologies in an air-driven handpiece are: automatic optimization of power, that is, constant speed under load to avoid stalling; delivery of smooth, constant power and control for maximum cutting efficiency and faster removal of material; speed adjustment of the bur when it is not under load to minimize wear on the bearings.

Electrical handpieces operate at both high and low speeds. This makes them versatile for all kinds of procedures. Instead of bearings, this handpiece has gears instead of bearings. These handpieces are quieter due to the fact that air is not flowing through them for power.

Control panels for electric handpieces are becoming more automated, allowing the operator to use preset buttons to specifically dial in an RPM for a specific procedure. For example, most polishing procedures should be performed at lower RPM to minimize the generation of heat.

In many clinical situations, an electric handpiece can perform the same functions that both an air-driven high-speed and separate low-speed unit can. Since most clinicians still prefer individual handpieces for high and low speeds so they can be more efficient chairside, this may not make a difference when choosing between the two systems.

Dental handpiece is an essential element in any dentist’s armamentarium. It is a fundamental device that can enhance—or hinder, depending on its efficiency and maintenance—the daily routine of a practice. Selecting the right handpiece is critical to helping ensure the smooth operation of everyday activities.

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